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Welcome to
The Visual Imagination website

Welcome to the website of Visual Imagination -
publishers of a wide range of entertainment magazines.

Film Review Online


Hollywood Hotline

Michael Caine and Bill MilnerMichael Caine
• Star Michael Caine talks about his latest film, Is Anybody There?

Hollywood Hotline

Harry PotterHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
• The character banners have been released for 2009's Harry Potter film

Film Byte Archive

Poster artworkStar Trek
• We hear from stars Anton Yelchin, John Cho, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, Eric Bana, Leonard Nimoy and director JJ Abrams

Poster artworkStar Trek
• Star Zachary Quinto had the best help in the new film for his role as Spock, from actor Leonard Nimoy…

Poster artworkStar Trek
• Star Chris Pine tells us about playing James Tiberius Kirk in JJ Abrams' film

Hugh JackmanX-Men Origins: Wolverine
• Special memories from the stars: Hugh Jackman, Lynn Collins, Taylor Kitsch, Ryan Reynolds and Will.I.Am

Liev SchreiberX-Men Origins: Wolverine
• Star Liev Schreiber on de-stressing at the end of the day and playing opposite co-star Hugh Jackman

Hugh JackmanX-Men Origins: Wolverine
• Star Hugh Jackman talks to us about his fourth appearance as Wolverine


An alternative way to view our magazines, as interactive PDFs, for a price much less than the printed versions

Each PDF enables you to move from the cover and contents pages directly to the articles, and all adverts have a link to their websites.
The issues are presented in page spreads and prices quoted in US$, although they can be paid for in most currencies and by many well-known credit cards.

The following issues are just a few clicks away...

Film Review Special 73 - Yearbook 2009 (currently only available as a PDF download file)
(print price $15.99)
Film Review Special #73220 jam-packed pages
2008 Movie Reviews Our awesome round up of the year’s movie releases includes over 350 films from 4 Months, 3 Weeks 2 Days to Zoo, plus all-new reviews.
Review of the Year We take a look at the highs and lows of the year in films
Plus We profile the films and stars that made 2008 so memorable, including…
Jason Statham, Australia, Seth Rogen, Quantum of Solace, Zac Efron, Inkheart Set Visit!
Coming Up in 2009! Our guide to the films you should be looking out for next year
And more...!

TV Zone Special 71 (Stargates)
(print price $16)
TV Zone Special 71 Printed Issue SOLD OUT
• 132 packed pages:
SG-1 Season 10 and Atlantis Season 3
• Cast and crew interviews, including Ben Browder, Amanda Tapping, Chris Judge, Michael Shanks, Beau Bridges, Paul McGillion, Rachel Luttrell, Kate Hewlett
• Plus Richard Dean Anderson, with SG-1 writer Damian Kindler and Atlantis writer Ken Cuperus
• With Extensive Season Previews for Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis series with exclusive images
• INCLUDING: The Stargate Years, Doctor Who (2000s) 2006 Season finale
• Season guides to Smallville and 24

TV Zone Issue 231/232
(print price $9.99)
TV Zone #231/232 • 148 packed pages:
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Exclusive interviews - Star Lena Headey
Doctor Who (2000s) Exclusive - Monster creator Neill Gorton
V Exclusive – Star Jane Badler, aka Diana
Stargate Continuum Exclusive - Star Ben Browder
Eureka New Season Exclusive - Actor Ed Quinn
Robot Chicken Exclusive – Show creator Seth Green
Battlestar Galactica (2000s)Star Michael Hogan
Survivors (2000s) Exclusive – Stars Zoe Tapper and Paterson Joseph
Pushing Daisies - Stars Lee Pace and Anna Friel
24 Exclusive – Producer Jon Cassir
Heroes Exclusive – Star Masi Oka
PLUS news (the new Doctor Who), reviews and more…

Cult Times Issue 159
download-only edition

(print price $7.99)
Cult Times #159
Doctor Who
The Christmas special previewed, and who could be the next Doctor?

Creator Tim Kring examines his work so far
Fringe Star John Noble, aka loopy scientist Walter Bishop
Survivors (2000s) Stars Phillip Rhys and Chahak Patel rate their characters' chances
Eli Stone Star Julie Gonzalo on playing consummate do-gooder Maggie
Sanctuary Star Robin Dunne becomes a monster
Unique TV Listings
December 2008's UK cult programmes listed, with full episode details

Cult Times Issue 158
download-only edition

(print price $7.99)
Cult Times #158 INTERVIEWED...
Stargate Atlantis
David Hewlett, aka Dr Rodney McKay
Sanctuary Executive producer Damian Kindler
Fringe Creator/producer JJ Abrams, of Lost and Alias fame
Eli Stone Star Jonny Lee Miller on the all-singing all-dancing legal drama
Medium Kelly Preston and Jake Weber discuss their characters' complex relationship
Survivors Potential virus victims Julie Graham and Shaun Dingwall in the new BBC drama

Unique TV Listings
November 2008's UK cult programmes listed, with full episode details

Film Review Issue 701
(print price $8.99)
Film Review #701148 jam-packed pages
• Including
• Our exclusive interview with The Spirit director Frank Miller heads our mammoth Winter Preview

007 himself Daniel Craig takes us behind the scenes of Quantum of Solace
Max Payne
Ghost Town
• And star Josh Brolin invites us into the Oval Office for presidential drama W
Plus reviews, loads of new pics and more...!

Cult Times Issue 157
(print price $7.99)
Cult Times #157 INTERVIEWED...
The Sarah Jane Adventures
Star Elisabeth Sladen
Heroes Brea Grant, aka Daphne, the super-speedster
Fringe Star Joshua Jackson
Eli Stone Victor Garber on playing Jordan Wethersby
Sanctuary Christopher Heyerdahl on playing John Druitt, aka Jack the Ripper
Dead Set Writer Charlie Brooker

Unique TV Listings
October 2008's UK cult programmes listed, with full episode details

Starburst Issue 365
(print price $7.99)
Starburst #365 • 148 packed pages, including
Battlestar Galactica
The Final Season
Exclusive interviews
Stargate Atlantis
Doctor Who
• Plus reviews and more features, including Fear Itself, tv Terminator, Fred Barton, Hellboy 2, Prince Caspian and Robot Chicken

Cult Times Issue 156
download-only edition

(print price $7.99)
Cult Times #156 INTERVIEWED...
Hiro and Ando start a new quest
Robert Picardo
Michael Rosenbaum and Laura Vandervoort
WITH... No Heroics and Terminator

Unique TV Listings
September 2008's UK cult programmes listed, with full episode details

Film Review Issue 699/700 Double-size, pre-print edition
(print price $9.99)
Film Review #699/700220 jam-packed pages
• Including
• The Coen Brothers and star Brad Pitt on Burn After Reading
• Director/star Ben Stiller and co-stars Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr and Steve Coogan on Tropic Thunder
Righteous Kill
Pineapple Express
Best Westerns
• And exclusives with Shane Meadow, Robert B Weide, David Thewlis and Jodie Foster
• Plus reviews, more reviews, even more reviews, and yet more features

The print version is now available in shops

Ultimate Issue 91
(print price $8.99)
Ultimate #91 • 148 packed pages:
Leatherheads - Star George Clooney
Heroes – Star Milo Ventimiglia
In Bruges – Star Colin Farrell
House - Star Lisa Edelstein
Forgetting Sarah Marshall – Star Russell Brand
• Plus extensive reviews – DVDs, films, games, tv
• and even more…

TV Zone Issue 231
download-only edition

(print price $7.99)
TV Zone #231 • 100 packed pages:
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Exclusive interviews - Star Lena Headey
Doctor Who (2000s) Exclusive - Monster creator Neill Gorton
V Exclusive – Star Jane Badler, aka Diana
Stargate Continuum Exclusive - Star Ben Browder
Eureka New Season Exclusive - Actor Ed Quinn
Robot Chicken Exclusive – Show creator Seth Green
BonekickersStar Adrian Lester
• with news, reviews and more…

TV Zone Special 82 Stargate Atlantis
(print price $11.99)
TV Zone Special 82 • 148 packed pages:
Stargate Atlantis, Season 5 Part 1
• Cast and crew interviews
• New images and designs
• Season 4 Visual FX
• Don S Davis tribute
• INCLUDING: Into the Labyrinth, Bonekickers , Mysterious Cities of Gold, Doctor Who, One Foot in the Grave and Carnivàle

Starburst Special 87
(print price $11.99)
Starburst Special 87 • 148 packed pages:
• Massive Doctor Who coverage…
• An extensive look at every story from the entire series of Doctor Who, from its beginnings in 1963 to the latest battle against Davros. With profiles of each Doctor, star interviews and remarkable fan projects
• PLUS: X-Files 2, Hellboy 2, Iron Man and a FREE Shivers Supplement

Cult Times Issue 155
download-only edition

(print price $7.99)
Cult Times #155Stargate SG-1: Continuum
Executive producer and writer Brad Wright
The X-Files
Chris Carter on his favourite episodes
Unique TV Listings
August's UK cult programmes listed, with full episode details

Film Review Issue 699
(print price $8.99)
Film Review #699 • 148 packed pages, including
The X-Files: I Want to Believe
Exclusive interviews
Hellboy II: The Golden Army
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
• with the latest reviews and features

PDFs are released ahead of printed issues.
Comments on these releases may be sent to us here


FILM REVIEW SPECIAL: The 12 Films of Christmas
• Our pick of the 12 films that will guarantee serious festive fun for all the family…

FILM REVIEW SPECIAL: The 65th Golden Globes
• It's the start of the 2009 awards season, and the Golden Globes had a few surprises, not all planned…

FILM REVIEW SPECIAL: Academy Award Nominations, 2009
• We take a look at who will be vying for one of those coveted golden statues…

TV ZONE: Stargate Continuum
• Star Ben Browder takes to the skies for real courtesy of the US Air Force’s high-G support for the DVD movie

TV ZONE: Doctor Who: The Next Doctor
• The Next Doctor is almost here! We reveal our spoiler-free verdict on the pairing of David Tennant and David Morrissey in this year's Christmas special...

FILM REVIEW: Star Trek (2009)
• We were privileged to be among the lucky few invited to a secret London location to view the trailer and footage from the brand new movie. This is what we saw…

FILM REVIEW: Watchmen 2009
• We travelled to a top secret location to view footage from film-maker Zack Snyder's forthcoming adaptation of the classic Graphic Novel

FILM REVIEW: Terminator 4
• We join director McG for a first look at one of the biggest films of 2009…

STARBURST: Battlestar Galactica (2000s)
• Hero, celebrity, husband... Cylon! Now Anders’s secret is in the open, can he dare to hope for a better future? Actor Michael Trucco discusses…

TV ZONE SPECIAL: Stargate Atlantis
• It was a new season, and another change in the command of Atlantis, but for Colonel John Sheppard, alias Joe Flanigan, it was business as usual…

ULTIMATE DVD: Aliens vs Predator
• Alien meets Predator once again in the hybrid sequel from visual effects wizards Colin and Greg Strause

SHIVERS: Screen Werewolves
• With exciting images released from the new Wolfman film in production, Shivers takes a look back at how the hairy creature’s been treated over the years

EXCLUSIVES: Adventureland
• We talk to stars Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Ryan Reynolds and director/screenwriter Greg Mottola

EXCLUSIVES: Monsters vs Aliens
• We hear from stars Reese Witherspoon, Seth Rogen, Kiefer Sutherland, Will Arnett, director Conrad Vernon and producer Lisa Stewart

EXCLUSIVE: Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
• Star Jennifer Garner and her on-screen chemistry with co-star Matthew McConaughey

EXCLUSIVE: Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
• Star Matthew McConaughey on his ghostly new film, full of past girlfriends…

• Star Channing Tatum comes out fighting in his latest film

• Star Terrence Howard reflects on his character Harvey, with "a mean streak of morality running up his spine"

• Directors Alastair Fothergill and Mark Linfield bring us the film version of the Emmy Award winning mini-series Planet Earth

EXCLUSIVE: The Soloist
• Star Jamie Foxx tells us about his moving performance as musical genius Nathaniel Ayers

EXCLUSIVE: The Soloist
• Star Robert Downey Jr on taking on the role of real-life LA Times journalist Steve Lopez

• Star John Cena on moving from the action of World Wrestling Entertainment to his latest action movie

HOLLYWOOD HOTLINE: Race to Witch Mountain
• Star Dwayne Johnson talks to us about the latest addition to Disney's Witch Mountain movies

• Director Zack Snyder talks about his new mega-blockbuster, including its rocky path to the screen…

• We talk to Dave Gibbons, co-creator of the Watchmen graphic novels, about his characters and the new film

HOLLYWOOD HOTLINE: 2009 The Spirit Awards
• Our report from the awards for the best in independent film making, complete with a kangaroo guest…!

HOLLYWOOD HOTLINE: Screen Actors Guild Awards – 2009
• We met some of the winners as they walked across the red carpet, and experienced the excitement over a new President…


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