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THE MOVIE: Unfaithful

Richard Gere • Diane Lane • Olivier Martinez
DIRECTOR: Adrian Lyne

Diane Lane and Richard Gere. But which is Unfaithful? THE CONCEPT:
Edward and Connie Sumner, (Richard Gere and Diane Lane), are living the American dream as an affluent and happily married couple living an enviable life in the suburbs of New York City. But a chance meeting between Connie and a French bookseller (Olivier Martinez) develops into an affair, and all three lives are changed forever.

U.S. RELEASE: May 10 2002, Nationwide • Rated: R


“I wanted to do something about the arbitrary nature of infidelity. There were a lot of discussions with Fox about making it a marriage that wasn’t working, and I thought that was a mistake. I thought it was much more interesting to have a marriage where they are really getting on well, and they have every possible reason not to have an affair. So often people have affairs when they don’t need to.”

“I thought it was a very literate and smart script dealing with everyday life. There are no easy answers in it, with a lot of gray areas; there are no villains here. It’s complex stuff, very contemporary and timeless. The trick for us was to play this so that we were all identifiable.”

“Adrian always wants you to go beyond your comfort level – I had been warned. My objective is to please my directors, and to feel like I’ve done a good job to satisfy what their vision is. Adrian would say to me, ‘I’m not convinced.’ That’s the scariest thing you can say to an actor. But I was grateful that he pushed me out of my plateau.”

“This is sort of a departure for Richard Gere, and he blew me away. You’d have expected him to play the lover. But I like the way he looks now, a little frayed at the edges. He wears his own glasses in the movie, and he said ironically that it’s the first time he’s seen his co-stars in fifteen years!”

(laughs) “It’s true, I haven’t seen my co-stars for fifteen years. What I have had to do is imagine what the other person is doing, then react to what I’m imagining they’re doing – sometimes I miss it totally!”

Olivier MartinezOLIVIER MARTINEZ on his sex scenes with Diane:
“I’m shy. It’s very rare for a French actor, but I don’t like playing scenes naked. But we are professional actors, so it’s simple stuff to do. When I punch a guy in a movie, it’s not for real. It’s the art of lying – so Diane and I tried to lie well.”

ADRIAN LYNE on directing the sex scenes:
“I’ve found with actors their main concern is worrying about whether they look good. It’s awful doing a love scene when they’re going at it in total silence, so I try to be enthusiastic and say, ‘That’s good, do it again.’ I’ve always been fairly vocal in my encouragement.”

“You don’t do a movie like this and go, ‘Well, I’ll just show up and say my lines and walk away.’ You’ve got to bring yourself to it, and the commitment we all made was that we would work from the most truthful and honest place we could. Truth and honesty about these kinds of subjects is painful. The performance Diane gives is just astonishing.”

DIANE LANE on working with Gere again 17 years after they appeared together in The Cotton Club:
“Richard came in to this movie late and we had to film right away, we didn’t have rehearsals, so it helped to have that history together.”

“I’ve been acting a long time. I’m a 52 year old man who has had an enormous amount of experience, so of course I bring that to my work. It’s a different type of emotion in this film. The tears mean something different at 52 than they do at 20.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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