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THE MOVIE: Men in Black II

Tommy Lee Jones • Will Smith • with Lara Flynn Boyle
DIRECTOR: Barry Sonnenfeld

Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith: familiar secret agents fighting aliens. THE CONCEPT:
They’re back in black, and ready to be number one with a bullet for the July 4 weekend. Agents Jay (Will Smith) and Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) return as the Men in Black to protect – once again – the Earth from the alien scum of the Universe. Even if it appears in the shapely form of Lara Flynn Boyle…

U.S. RELEASE: July 3 2002, Nationwide • Rated: PG-13


“One of the challenges of a sequel is to figure out what you have to bring back because the audiences loved it in the first movie. Besides Tommy and Will, we brought back Frank the Pug – who’s played by the same pug who played him in the first movie (Mushu). And we have brought back the Worm Guys, who had a small role in the original. I loved those guys because they were so politically incorrect; they smoked cigarettes, they took long work breaks and they were obnoxious.”

“We knew that this film had to be funny, so no matter what we were not leaving the set without it being funny. Frank the Pug, hands down, is hilarious. One of biggest laughs in the entire film is Frank singing with the song 'Who Let the Dogs Out'.”

“I don’t have a sense of humor of any recognizable kind. I’ve been very lucky because my mark is often right next to Will’s. So, the key to being funny for me is to stand as close to Will Smith as possible and do everything Barry tells me to do. It appears, on some occasions, I’ve gotten away with that.”

“Tommy and I have a really brilliant relationship. I just think everything that comes out of that man’s mouth is hilarious. We were in Seoul, Korea doing an interview together and we have an unspoken rule that when we interview together, I take all the dumb questions. The interviewer asked, ‘What was it like working with the little dog, Frank the Pug?’ I said, ‘Frank is a really wonderful actor, he’s has brilliant comedic timing, but sometimes he can be a bit of an ass, and he won’t come out of his trailer.’ With a completely straight face, Tommy says, ‘Yeah, Frank’s had a bit of an identity crisis ever since the castration!’ I was screaming. Stuff like that comes out of his mouth every single second of the day. I love that dude with all my heart.”

“One of my favorite sets that Bo Welch (Production Designer) did for the movie was the Worm Guy’s Bachelor Pad. Their apartment has very low ceilings, maybe five feet high instead of the usual eight or nine. Tommy and Will are both over six feet tall. So, when Agents Kay and Jay go to visit a bunch of bachelor worms on a small set, can comedy really be that far behind?”

TOMMY LEE JONES on how the events of September 11th affected the film:
“The final scene was originally set on the roof of the World Trade Center – we felt it would be appropriate to change that, and we did. I was overwhelmed with emotion (over the events of 9/11), not all of which I understand. It made me very sad that somebody could do such a horrible thing to a place that I love.”

WILL SMITH on Michael Jackson’s cameo in the movie:
“Michael plays an undercover Man in Black who is also an alien, so he only has partial MIB status. He’s in on the Alien Affirmative Action Program. He’s only there part time, but he’s demanding his full MIB status. (By doing this film) it’s as if Michael is saying to the world, ‘I’m human like everyone else, and I appreciate a good joke like anyone else does.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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