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THE MOVIE: The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course

Steve Irwin • Terri Irwin • Magda Szubanksi
DIRECTOR: John Stainton

What every wildlife expert should have… THE CONCEPT:
Watch out Paul Hogan – you have serious competition! Popular Aussie wildlife expert, Steve Irwin, is a delight in his first movie that is really just a big screen version of his TV series. Forget the silly story and enjoy his escapades while educating the audience about the dangerous creatures of the wild.

U.S. RELEASE: July 12 2002 • Rated: PG


“I wasn’t allowed to read the script and I couldn’t go ‘round rehearsing my lines. What John Stainton wanted to capture from me is Stevo – just as raw as I’ve been since he pulled me out of the bush in the ‘80s. That’s what he wanted.”

“A couple of the actors had to do scenes with Steve, and it was probably a little daunting because Steve isn’t an actor. So he doesn’t hit marks like they do and he ad libs and he’ll say what he wants to say about the snake or the crocodile or whatever. So for an actor to come into his world was like throwing somebody into the fire. They had to improvise a little bit but they coped with it very well.”

“On a documentary shoot, we start filming from about five in the morning until midnight, seven days a week until the thing’s done. We film in the most remote jungles, and one of us is always sick with a buy. I’m shoving granola bars in my pocket to keep me going and we’re pulling leeches off between filming. It’s fun but it’s grueling. This movie has been relatively easy. It was exciting to have a trailer, to eat three times a day, to get make-up, to have a toilet! It was absolute luxury.”

“There’s a scene in the movie where the character or Brozzie (Magda Szubanski) lands on a 12-foot crocodile. That’s me! I’m the only guy who can fall on a 12-foot crocodile, so I got dressed up as her to do the scene.”

“I wanted the CIA plot in the film to be complex enough to keep Steve’s world looking simplistic, and I wanted the other players in the movie to be like cardboard cut-out characters so the audience had no other focus but on Steve and Terri. I think it works. The tests show an overwhelming support of Steve and Terri as the outstanding players in the story.”

“If people can find love and sympathy and empathy and compassion for a crocodile, then we’ve got hope for saving just about anything. That’s the object of the game. Over the years, Steve’s gotten the feedback that the only good snake is a dead snake. Now we’re finding people are responding with love for vultures as well as eagles, crocodiles as well as koalas, and the whole planet is really changing.”

“This movie is going to be the greatest conservation message the world has seen. In some places in Australia there is a large trade because crocodile skins are worth money and that’s something Terri and I fight vehemently to stop. I say there’s no difference between skinning a crocodile and skinning a koala. They’re native Australian wildlife and should be protected, not worn as some kind of garment. We’re wildlife warriors and we’re training our daughter to be a wildlife warrior. Like any warrior, our job is to get out there and fight – for wildlife.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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