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THE MOVIE: Stuart Little 2

Geena Davis • Hugh Laurie • Michael J Fox (voice) • Melanie Griffith (voice)
DIRECTOR: Rob Minkoff

Something Little this way comes… THE CONCEPT:
The mouse that roared, Stuart Little, is back for another adventure in this sequel to the popular 1999 movie. This time, he must travel through the dangerous streets of New York City, with his reluctant sidekick Snowball the cat to rescue his new friend, a little bird named Margalo, from the villainous Falcon.

U.S. RELEASE: July 14 2002 • Rated: PG


“This is the shortest version of the movie that we could have made and really because of the expense. The process is pretty unforgiving in that regard, because every time Stuart Little appears on camera it costs so much money it’s crazy. It’s like $50,000 for four seconds of Stuart Little.”

GEENA DAVIS (Mrs Little)::
“I’m a fan of a lot of the family films that have been done in recent years. The new computer-animated movies are wonderful. You couldn’t have made this movie even five years ago. They didn’t know how to make fur, for example. It’s phenomenal to me to see something look real like the reflection of the window in Margola’s eyes.”

HUGH LAURIE (Mr Little) on a British actor playing the role::
I had to audition for Rob Minkoff for the role of Mr Little, over a mobile phone, standing on the street in London. I’d gone out for dinner and suddenly they called up and said, ‘Rob is considering you, but he’s concerned about the American accent and how it will sound.’ I think he faxed a page of dialogue to the restaurant, and I was standing under a streetlight trying to see it. I know it sounds kind of ramshackle doesn’t it for a $150 million movie, but that was the way it happened.”

MELANIE GRIFFITH on her first voice-over job as Margola the bird::
“It was so much more difficult than being in front of a camera. You can’t use the things that you’re used to using. You can’t be manipulative with your body or your face, even though they’re filming you while you do [the voice over]. They’re filming you so they can create the bird after you, so that the cartoon has your mannerisms.”

“In an animated film, you really need the actors to be strong, because so much of the character is going to come through their voice, so you need it to have a great impact. I kind of describe my part as being a conductor of the orchestra, conducting one musician at a time. You’re standing with them going, ‘No, it’s not loud enough, louder! Faster, Faster!’”

GEENA DAVIS on the fact that Mrs Little actually gives birth to Stuart in the book::
“That’s weird. I heard that when EBWhite submitted the book to his publisher, the publisher said, ‘It’s great, but she can’t give birth to a mouse. How is that even possible?’ But White said, ‘That’s the way I want it.’ But we changed it for the movie!”

“Playing a cartoon character is weird. It’s not like a regular character. How old is she? Probably nine months old, I don’t know. How much does she know about life? Probably not much because she’s never flown south. It’s not like you can create a background for your character.”

HUGH LAURIE on the perfect Little family::
“I draw on my own experiences of being perfect to make it work! [Being the perfect family] is the thing that I responded to when I read the script, it made me laugh. The first script that was written, the characters of Mr Little and Mrs Little were described as Mr Little and Mrs Little all the way through it. There was a kind of politeness to it, and a formality, which I found funny. I thought in the midst of all these movies that are examining relentlessly dysfunctional families, dysfunctional relationships, we neglect the fact that we’ve almost lost sight of what functional means. It suddenly seemed funny to have a couple who love each other, and didn’t have some massive hidden alcoholic problem.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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