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THE MOVIE: The Tuxedo

Jackie Chan • Jennifer Love Hewitt
DIRECTOR: Kevin Donovan

Looking good in a tux… THE CONCEPT:
Jackie Chan portrays an ordinary man working as a chauffeur to a secret agent, a man who owns an extraordinary computerized tuxedo that turns whomever wear's it into a master in martial arts.

U.S. RELEASE: September 27 2002 • Rated: PG-13


“I was very enticed by the fact that Jackie Chan was involved [with this movie]. I truly believe there is not another actor on the face of the Earth who could have done this role, certainly not to his level of expertise. I don’t think anyone else has that kind of physical dexterity; I mean the man is amazing.”

JACKIE CHAN on making the tuxedo look like it’s doing the work:
“It had to look at times like I was going this way and the tuxedo was going that way, so I had to act with the tuxedo as if I was thinking, ‘What’s going on… what are you doing?’ I had to move my arms like somebody else was doing it for me; I had to hide my head like I didn’t know what was about to happen. I didn’t want [the movie] to only be about fighting. The audience knows that when I wear the tuxedo I can fight. I wanted them to think, ‘What’s next? What other surprises does it have?’”

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT on her fear of drowning:
“Kevin was the only one who knew about my fear. His solution was, 'Let’s throw her into a gigantic swimming pool with a big 200-pound man for nine hours one night, and just let him hold her head under the water'! Doing the scene, I hyperventilated and had a heart attack, and then we had to explain to the entire crew what was wrong with me because I started crying. They thought Kevin Donovan was the meanest man ever!”

JACKIE CHAN on having to sing and dance in the movie:
“Singing is not difficult for me, I have my own albums in Asia. I don’t like rock and rap, but I use the beat for when I’m training. I don’t know what they’re saying. I practiced the James Brown song and dance for three months. When we shot the scene, the producer came over and said, ‘Jackie, don’t sing that song, we don’t like it!’ It’s okay, because now I can use it all my life. Now if someone has a party and they say, ‘Jackie, sing a song,’ I can always sing Sex Machine!”

“I love martial arts and I grew up with Jackie’s movies. I think he’s absolutely amazing. He’s probably the greatest man that I’ve ever met, besides my brother. He was really supportive and wanted me to look cool in the movie. Jackie trained me literally 15 minutes before every stunt. [During the filming] I hurt both my knees, pulled my hamstring, broke my little finger, broke my ankle and was in a cast for two weeks, cracked my head open and was hit in the face with a stick – it was so cool!”

“Everyone told me that Jennifer was sexy. I thought she was pretty, of course better than Chris Tucker and Owen Wilson, but we were like buddies – she was like a tomboy. Yesterday someone showed me a photo of Jennifer in Rolling Stone and I didn’t even know it was her. Wow, after five months, now she’s sexy!”

“Jackie is tireless when it comes to getting a stunt right. One night we were filming the scene at the silo where the action required him to leap up, do a flip, hit two guys, and do another flip. Obviously, it’s a very back-bending, arduous thing to do, so after the fourth take I said, ‘We’d better not do this any more; he’s going to hurt himself.’ But not only did we go past four takes, Jackie made us do 37. He will not stop until it’s perfect, until he thinks he’s done his best for the film.”

“We’re talking about doing Rush Hour 3 for 2004, and then after that Shanghai Dawn. Shanghai Knights (which comes out this December) is the best American film I’ve ever made.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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