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THE MOVIE: Tuck Everlasting

Alexis Bledel • Sissy Spacek • Ben Kingsley •
William Hurt
DIRECTOR: Jay Russell

Winnie meets Jesse Tuck THE CONCEPT:
A teenage girl longs for a life outside the influence of her domineering mother and, lost in the woods, meets Jesse Tuck. His family takes her in, but they have an incredible secret and someone may be about to discover it…

U.S. RELEASE: October 11, 2002 • Rated: PG


As star of the successful TV series Gilmore Girls, what was it about this movie that made you want to make ‘Tuck’ your first big film?
Winnie basically goes from being a child at the beginning of the movie and grows up during the course of it, and there’s a lot of great stuff to play in between.”

If you could live forever like the Tucks, what would be the one thing you’d want to accomplish?
“I think I would be like Jesse, a character in the movie – probably just to see as much as possible and travel the world. I think that’s probably the best thing to do with all that time.”

This is a period film that comes with the required costumes, including the corsets. How did the clothes affect your acting?
“[It helped me get into the character of Winnie]. When you put the corset on, it give you a glimpse into what those women’s lives must have been like. Just a little bit, not even close, but just the fact that they did that to themselves to look a certain way, gives you an idea of how important it was to be a proper young lady in that time and to fit the mold of what they were all trying to accomplish socially. And the director, Jay Russell, actually told me to use the corset as a device to remind myself that not only physically, but emotionally, she was trapped in her surroundings, and she wanted desperately to get out. And that was definitely a reminder because the thing’s so tight!”

What was your favorite part about filming this?
“It was fun to do a period piece, and there were some great actors to learn from and to observe.”

What was the most challenging scene for you?
“All the running around, it was tiring. On Gilmore Girls we talk really fast, and that’s mentally exhausting, but this was exhausting in a whole other way. When I read the script, I read most the dialogue to understand the character. And between all the dialogue there were all these little paragraphs that I went, ‘Okay, so I’ll be running around, that’s great.’ But I didn’t really realize that it was going to be a whole day of climbing up rocks and jumping into very cold water! Now I pay close attention, I read scripts very closely, taking note of jumping and running!”

If you were faced with the choice Winnie has in this movie – immortality or not – what would you choose?
“I don’t know. I probably wouldn’t want to be stuck at 15, because I think that’s a pretty conflicted age to be stuck at with all the hormones and the crazy skin problems. I would want to be a little older and have a good sense of myself. I don’t know. I probably wouldn’t. But the movie kind of sways you one way – you just have to find out!”

Jonathan Jackson is your romantic lead. How was it working with him?
“He’s a great guy. We had a good time on this film. He’s very professional; he’s been acting for a long time, since he was very young, so he really had a good handle on it and shared some of his wisdom with me. When we were having one of those days with the climbing and the jumping around, he said, ‘Don’t worry about it, because all the bad stuff, you forget. At the end of the shoot, you only remember the good stuff.”

Is that true?
[she laughs] “I’m working on it!”

Written by Judy Sloane & David Waldon
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