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THE MOVIE: Abandon

Katie Holmes • Benjamin Bratt • Charlie Hunnam
DIRECTOR: Stephen Gaghan

Katie Holmes and Charlie Hunnam THE CONCEPT:
Catherine Burke, struggling to finish school, finds the stress she’s under is compounded when a police detective, Wade Handler, begins investigating the disappearance of her boyfriend, Embry.

U.S. RELEASE: October 18, 2002 • Rated: PG-13


BENJAMIN BRATT (Wade Handler):
“A lot of elements attracted me to this particular film, not the least of which is the extraordinary script by Stephen Gaghan and the chance to be directed by someone with his kind of amazing talent. Besides that, I’ve never been in a psychological thriller before and I thought the casting elements were interesting enough for me to jump right in.”

“My character is the smartest in her class at a very prestigious college. She works the hardest and she’s been so focused for so long that when her life suddenly starts unraveling a little bit at a time the people around her don’t realize what’s happening. Even she doesn’t fully understand the depth of what’s going on with her. It’s really quite intriguing.”

STEPHEN GAGHAN on directing his first film:
“To do a studio picture sans Traffic would have been impossible. There is no way they would have given me the shot. When you’re a writer and you hand off the script, all your culpability stops and somewhere there’s a table and sitting at the table is a director, and you’re on vacation – I always wanted to be there carrying the ball for what I’d written.”

“I was the first actor to meet Steve about the role and he really liked me and said, ‘I can’t imagine that I’m going to find someone that I’m going to like more than you.’ But as a first time director, he didn’t want to get too carried away with himself. So he saw a whole bunch of people and came back to me and gave me the job.”

“This movie was very challenging and very rewarding. During the shooting I would try to step away in between takes and read a book and just relax, because it was very challenging to do those [emotional] scenes in such a short period of time.”

“Handler and Kate are damaged goods. He, as a former substance abuser, is struggling with his day-to-day life as a cop and just trying to maintain his sobriety. She, as a brilliant student, has all kinds of academic pressures on her. They’re both working to maintain a kind of equilibrium, and I think each of them feels misunderstood. This film is about people who are lonelier than they seem, and each of them is trying to connect in a meaningful way.”

“I think what is common among all the characters in this movie is they’re all feeling some kind of abandonment. Most people have experienced a loss in the form of love, beauty or death. Some have lost a part of themselves just like Katie.”

“The film is about two people who are broken in very different ways. Katie and Handler each see the other as the solution to their problems, but of course, things don’t ever work out that way in life… or in movies.”

CHARLIE HUNNUM on working with a first time director:
“I don’t think there is any notable difference between Steve and any other director. He didn’t feel like a first time director at all. He’s been writing for so long, and he’s such a skilled writer that he understands film and he’s seen the process through, watching his scripts being shot and in the editing room, so I think he’s got a good understanding of editing and pace.”

KATIE HOLMES on whether she’s worried about the box office results:
“You can’t worry about that. None of us expected the success of Dawson’s Creek, and that certainly gave us all a great deal of opportunities. I think going into this weekend, obviously I want people to like it, but I’m not arrogant enough to believe just because I like the movie the whole world will. I hope people like it and if it does well that’s great, if it doesn’t – I’ll keep trying.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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