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Naomi Watts • Martin Henderson
DIRECTOR: Gore Verbinski

Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts) makes a horrifying discovery THE CONCEPT:
Based on the Japanese Horror film of the same name, The Ring tells the haunting tale of a video filled with nightmarish images anyone who views it dies exactly seven days later.

U.S. RELEASE: October 18, 2002 • Rated: PG-13


It was very important for me to try not to take away from what worked well in the original movie. I think there was a wonderful illusive minimalism to the original film that I felt was very important to keep.

It was the character of Rachel that drew me to the project. Its a genre film, and you get all those moments that you get in a genre film, but in this you get a little bit more. I think its more psychological, and the character has her own personal journey to go through, and I particularly liked it for that reason. Rachel starts out as a flawed person whos not the greatest mother. Shes a little bit driven and focused on what she thinks is the right thing to do, which is work. Its only after all the drama and the chaos that happens that she realizes that its not just about that, its about spending time and recognizing what her child needs before he states it.

MARTIN HENDERSON (Noah) on how he got the role:
I had returned to New Zealand after September 11th to be with my family and friends and to reassess what I wanted to do with my life, and then I decided to come back to LA When I got off the plane, it was the first script I read and it intrigued me. It was somehow different than your conventional Horror films. I was elated when I got it.

It was important for me that the images on the tape had to be disturbing and had to provide a series of clues. I just started with images that I found horrific and then we built the tape long, and kept reducing it and trying to avoid the temptation to make it narrative. Its amazing how images, when they fall together start to tell a story, even when youre trying not to.

I read the script and then I managed to get a hold of a copy of the Japanese version of the movie, which was particularly difficult to find as I was shooting a film in Wales, and the video store people looked at me blankly. I watched it in my hotel room alone on a very small TV screen, and I remember being pretty freaked out.

I saw Ringu after I got the role. I didnt want to see it at first, because I didnt want it to taint how I was going to play the part. I watched it with a few of my buddies on a Sunday afternoon. We were all sitting around the house and we drew the curtains and watched it. It was on a little television with subtitles and we werent paying much attention. And then, as it went on, it got creepier and creepier and I realized if Hollywood made this in the right way, this could be a really effective scary movie.

Our journey began with a videotape that comes with a warning. Yet, it is the very warning that makes it all the more interesting to us. Taboos are always accompanied by temptation; its an essential quality of human nature to discover the forbidden. Knowing this about us is what makes the evil essence of The Ring all the more horrifying.

I saw the movie the other night. You dont really get lost in the story like a ordinary audience member, but I did find myself leaping at the odd occasion and then getting the giggles, thinking, I know the beats. I know this script back to front, and feeling a bit embarrassed for having such a reaction.

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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Shivers, Nov - Bumper 100th (Red) 2002 cover

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Shivers, October 2002 cover

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