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THE MOVIE: Darkness Falls

Emma Caulfield • Chaney Kley
DIRECTOR: Jonathan Liebesman

Behind you! Matilda is ready to pounce on Michael and Caitlin. THE CONCEPT:
For 150 years, the legend of Matilda Dixon, ‘the Tooth Fairy,’ has hung over the town of Darkness Falls. Unjustly accused of a hideous crime, the kindly old woman was savagely slaughtered by an enraged crowd – now her vengeful spirit is hovering over the town ready to pounce on anyone who sees her in the dark.

U.S. RELEASE: January 24 2003, Nationwide
• Rated: PG-13


CHANEY KLEY (Kyle) on his character being afraid of the dark:
“I didn’t need to do research for my role in the movie, as I definitely had my own sleep disorders growing up, which was my own imagination. I’m very into the paranormal, reading about it, and it fills you with enough speculation that I turned it into reality, just for fun.”

EMMA CAULFIELD (Caitlin) on what frightens her:
“I think I’m impervious to fear. My fears are more abstract, large concepts like never having peace of mind, or not being able to fulfill a spiritual quest. It sounds New-Agey and ridiculous, but those are my fears. It’s not a fear, but I can’t sleep without some sort of sound, like white noise. If I’m lucky enough to fall asleep without it, I’m up every hour and I’m very restless.”

“What frightens me is the opening weekend for this film! Last night [at the première] was about as scary as it gets for me. The press line was very awkward. It was scary to be associated with the film so strongly – it was frightening to think that it wouldn’t be entertaining or that it wouldn’t be well received.”

“There isn’t a lot of CG in this movie. Our challenge was, with the money we were given, to maximize production value. Everyone thinks everything is CGI, but the truth is when I saw the first ET [puppet], the real thing was so much more believable. As soon as CG happens, subconsciously you can tell something is going on that can’t be real.”

CHANEY KLEY on working with Stan Winston’s puppeteers who created ‘Matilda’:
“After the scene [where Matilda tries to strangle me] I thought, ‘Why did I think I could do this?’ I had to push Matilda’s hand away from my throat and, at the same time, pull it [to me]. There were metal things in her hand like the Terminator, and because I was trying to make it real, I pushed that thing into my neck as hard as I possibly could for four days, so much so that I bruised my whole neck. But it was really cool for me to watch [the puppeteers] work. They were off-camera steering it, and they were in my line-of-sight. It was fun to watch their faces as they performed.”

EMMA CAULFIELD on her last year as Anya on TV’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer:
“I have no idea how Anya will leave the series. I’ve just asked Joss [Whedon – the show’s creator] not to kill me, but I don’t know if he’ll be kind enough to oblige. I can pretty much guarantee that she won’t be happy; nobody in Sunnydale ever stays happy for long. So whatever her departure, I’m sure it will be full of great pathos, tragedy and melancholy.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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