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THE MOVIE: The Safety of Objects

Glenn Close • Dermot Mulroney • Moira Kelly • Jessica Campbell • Mary Kay Place
DIRECTOR: Rose Troche

Esther Gold (Glenn Close) and Annette Jennings (Patricia Clarkson) THE CONCEPT:
Drama that focuses on three families who depend on objects to provide them comfort from life’s hard realities, and how these families interact to remind each other that it is the people we know and love, not the objects we own, that provide real hope and security.

U.S. RELEASE: March 7 2003 • Rated: R


The Safety of Objects is a very richly layered, complicated screenplay. And I think what I liked about this piece is that at the bottom of it, even though there may be some controversial things, it is basically a positive piece, rather than a negative one.”

JESSICA CAMPBELL (Julie) on acting with Glenn Close:
“I was a little scared when I heard I’d be working with Glenn. I was intimidated. I guess I was expecting some kind of prima donna attitude, but I was very wrong. She’s one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. And I was really impressed by her attitude throughout the filming. She never took the high and mighty road; she never acted like she was better than anybody else.”

“And this was a hard movie to make, if you look at the number of characters, scenes and locations. It’s incredible that it even got made. It was really high stress to get everything shot. It was almost too hard to do. One day the first AD and the Script Coordinator walked off the set, and I was the first AD for a couple of hours, until they found somebody in Toronto to come in and do it. I was calling, ‘Rolling!’ Somebody had to help out this production!”

MOIRA KELLY (Susan) on the difference between the comfort and safety of objects:
“If you’re comfortable with an object, you’re comfortable with yourself, so the object just brings you comfort it doesn’t hide you, it’s not a safe place to escape to. That’s where the difference is. Sometimes with the safety of objects you don’t have to look at the truth.”

“I think sometimes when people are trying to deal with tragedy they project it onto an object because they don’t know how to deal with it themselves or identify it, and so it becomes safer to remove it from yourself and project it onto something inanimate.”

JESSICA CAMPBELL on her character’s object:
“To my character, the car she wants her mother to win represents all the love, affection and attention that she never got. The car is the manifestation of everything she doesn’t have but wants.”

“For Jim the object is as simple as a catcher’s mitt. When he smells it, it takes him right back to his childhood and reminds him that he is human, that he has been a child and that he had been happy once.”

MOIRA KELLY on a real object she’s been attached to in her life:
“My violin. My father’s a violinist and at a very young age he gave me my instrument. He had chosen for me that I would follow in his footsteps. And to this day I’m not even close to being what he had hoped and dreamed. So I picture one day taking it and throwing it off a cliff and letting it go, because it was his dream for me, and until I can let it go I’ll always in some way see myself less in my father’s eyes.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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