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Patrick Stewart • Hugh Jackman • Famke Janssen • James Marsden • Anna Paquin
DIRECTOR: Bryan Singer

Patrick Stewart & Bryan Singer THE CONCEPT:
In the sequel to X-Men, the Mutants must join together with their enemies in order to combat a menace that threatens mankind – and mutantkind.

U.S. RELEASE: May 2 2003, Nationwide • Rated: PG-13


“From a filmmaker’s standpoint, I found X2 much more character driven in spite of the fact that there are 1000 visual effects shots, stunts and pyrotechnics.”

HUGH JACKMAN (Wolverine):
“This film was more fun than the first one for me, because I got cast a week into shooting on the first one, so it was like being dragged by a Great Dane. Come the second one, I had time to get into shape, I had time to think about it, work on the script, feel ready to go.”

“It was easy to get back into character for this. Once I put that costume on again, it almost felt like no time had passed at all. I was in the visor and suit and I was comfortable again, all the memories came flooding back.”

“Coming back to do this film is completely surreal, because after the first couple of days of shooting it feels like you never left, which would put us at month six of a show. So by the time we were finished, it was like a full year of X-Men. Getting the entire cast reassembled, the director, the whole team, was really good, familiar and comfortable.”

“My favorite example of Bryan as a director is when he stands by the monitor and you’re supposed to be doing a rehearsal, and it looks like his attention is going everywhere but the actors, and at the end of the rehearsal he’ll pick out exactly what worked and what didn’t work about it.”

“I’ve always had a good working relationship with Bryan. I think he’s got extraordinary taste, and I think he felt more confident on the second film, so the experience was even better. Ian McKellen said to me, “Hugh, work with Bryan, you’ll never look so good as you do in the end product.’ And if I look back at all my films, I think that’s probably true.”

PATRICK STEWART (Professor Xavier):
“The imaginative inhancement and expansion of this second film is absolutely thrilling. The degree to which they have added new dimensions and new perspectives has raised the bar; and the audience will be clamoring for more.”

“The biggest challenge in doing a film like this is constructing and developing the story, and balancing the characters. And the second challenge would be the physical stamina of shooting a picture like this, with the intense prep, followed by 110 days of relentless shooting.”

“The visor is a handicap, but during the first film I figured out acting tricks around it. It really comes down to believing in the dialogue and acting as if you weren’t handicapped at all by the glasses.”

“I don’t think it matters a jot if you’ve seen the first film or not. You may miss a couple of things, but certainly you don’t miss the thrust of the story. Thematically, there’s some more interesting and intricate things being explored in this film. It’s quite an epic scale really that’s been written in terms of the pathos of it.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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