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THE MOVIE: Matrix Reloaded

Keanu Reeves • Laurence Fishburne • Carrie-Anne Moss • Jada Pinkett Smith
DIRECTORS: Andy and Larry Wachowski

Carrie-Anne Moss And Keanu Reeves THE CONCEPT:
In the long awaited sequel to The Matrix, Neo (Reeves), Morpheus (Fishburne) and Trinity (Moss) must do everything in their power to defeat the army of machines, as the last enclave on Earth, Zion, is only hours away from being attacked by 250,000 Sentinels.

U.S. RELEASE: May 15 2003, Nationwide • Rated: R


“This movie was much harder (physically). There was much more involved. In the first one I could do most of the fighting. In the second one, if you take out the CGI aspect of my fight with Agent Smith, I am doing probably 92% of my fighting. Some days I’d finish a fight and then get new choreography, fighting on the weekends so that I could film on Tuesday.”

LAURENCE FISHBURNE on Morpheus being more vulnerable in the sequel:
“How nice is that? It makes him human. It’s wonderful. He’s the general in this movie. He’s the guy that goes, ‘Everyone, follow me.’ It’s like Patton. And there’s another shift for him in the third movie that involves being even more vulnerable I think.”

“I like finding more layers to Trinity and having her change. I always thought of her as this warrior who had this secret that had to do with her purpose, and with Neo and if he was the One or not. In the second and third films, a softer side of her comes out through being in love, because things change when you’re in love.”

“I had an opportunity of actually meeting the Wachowski brothers several times for the first Matrix. I knew the story very well. I knew exactly what they were trying to do in the first one and was happy to see that they were successful with it. And so when I found out that they actually had an idea for two and three and that they had created a character for me (Niobe), of course I was elated, flattered and excited.”

“I think of this movie as more of a continuation. I don’t think it’s seeking to set itself apart. I don’t think it’s trying to be something different. I think it is just trying to develop what the story is telling. If anything, you’re getting into the meat of the story.”

“This movie was harder physically for me, but I knew what to expect. The first time around, I had no idea and ignorance is bliss. On this I broke my leg in the beginning of training and had eight weeks where I was forced to sit out and watch. It was tough.”

“What is great about this movie is I feel they turned Neo, who’s supposed to be the One, a superhero, into a real human being, in the sense of what real men are about.”

“The Wachowski’s describe the themes of the trilogy in this way: the first movie is about birth, the second movie is about life and the third movie is about death.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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