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THE MOVIE: Bruce Almighty

Jim Carrey • Jennifer Aniston • Morgan Freeman
DIRECTOR: Tom Shadyac

Jim Carrey and Morgan Freeman THE CONCEPT:
Bruce Nolan (Carrey), a TV reporter who despises his job and life, rages against God for bringing him such misfortune, only to come face to face with the Almighty (Freeman), who endows him with his powers to see if Bruce can do the job better.

U.S. RELEASE: May 23 2003, Nationwide
• Rated: PG-13


“I think Jim is arguably the most unique comic we have working in films today; kind of the Buster Keaton of our generation. Some lights are so bright you can’t see them until hindsight.”

“We’ve always tried to personalize God, so I think I wanted God in this thing to be the guy who’s absolutely dignified and has this austere quality and this kind of no-nonsense-ness to Him, but at the same time has a sense of humor, because God made our sense of humor. And what we don’t get a lot of is God messing with your head. And I loved that Morgan was able to totally come out of that thing that he does so well, and mess with my character and be silly.”

“Tom pitched a fantastic story which I found very moving. I just thought it was great. It’s hard to infuse spirituality into a bold commercial movie, and that’s what Tom and the writers have done with out hitting you over the head with it.”

“There are a million ways to play God. You can talk from a burning bush, or a mountain, or a sunset. Our way was to find a consummate human who is full of dignity, power, a sense of humor and an edge. Morgan embodied humanity and divinity in a way that we felt was perfect for the movie.”

“Doing Bruce Almighty was great. It was just knock down, drag out laughs. I had heard that Jim was kind of weird and that he needed to immerse himself in a character; that you had to call him by his character’s name all the time. All those stories I heard about him are just anathema. He’s nothing like that at all. I found him to be a very professional actor and a lot of fun to work with.”

“Getting to be in the presence of Morgan Freeman was pretty much one of those dreams come true. And he was godlike, seeing that striking face in a white suit. He was phenomenal.”

“(Jim) and have a great friendship, and Bruce Almighty speaks to our concerns. What is this force called God? What is this force doing in our lives? How do we relate to it? Thematically, the film is ultimately a story about where true power comes from.”

“My interpretation of the secret of life is, don’t do anything or try not to do anything that makes you feel like you deserve to lose in life. And be grateful for what you have, and a lot of that is in the movie. Protect what you’ve got that’s beautiful. If you’ve got talent, protect it – protect the spark.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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