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Eric Bana • Jennifer Connelly • Nick Nolte

Hulk takes a hand THE CONCEPT:
Big-screen version of Marvel comics’ The Hulk. Scientist Bruce Banner (Eric Bana), who has been exposed to a supposedly deadly amount of gamma radiation, turns into a 15-foot green monster whenever he becomes enraged.

U.S. RELEASE: June 20 2003, Nationwide
• Rated: PG-13


“This is a modern-day myth. There are a lot of elements in it – Frankenstein, King Kong, Beauty and the Beast, Jekyll and Hyde, Faust – a lot of great mythology.”

ERIC BANA on the fact that half of his performance is CGI:
“I think I was so anxious and paranoid about delivering what I was responsible for, which for me was always just Bruce Banner, that it didn’t bother me. I knew that the rest was out of my hands, and I was quite comfortable with that. I actually liked the fact that even though you’re the lead, there’s plenty there to take away from you, which is kind of nice.”

NICK NOLTE on what makes him angry:
: “Almost everything in life. I can get angry on the freeway. I can get angry about government policies. I was born in Iowa on a farm, and I don’t do well in large cities. But you’ve got to control your anger, but to eliminate it would be absolutely absurd.”

“I don’t think the Hulk’s a superhero. I think he’s among the first Marvel characters that’s a tragic monster who serves as a hero. It’s really an anti-hero. And it was a great success, so that tells me about American psychology – hidden pleasures, need, aggression. That really attracted me.”

BANA on the fact that the CGI for the Hulk builds off of his performance:
: “It was something that I was not consciously aware of on a day to day basis. I was aware of the pressure of Bruce Banner having to work, otherwise we were all in trouble. But there weren’t a lot of conscious decisions made about, ‘Later on when the Hulk does this …’ I had to service Bruce, because I knew it was the other way around. I knew that ILM would be chasing what I was doing in a lot of respects. And when I saw the film, that was the thing that I was most thrilled about. I felt like they had totally managed to drag character into that CGI figure. It blew me away.”

“Ang never lets anybody see dailies. I was able to sneak in and see some dailies, and I whispered to Eric, ‘You’re brilliant.’ It was the first word he ever got about his work. He had an extremely difficult role, to be subtly frightened of something inside you, and not know what it is. We all get that feeling once in a while of what we think our demonic side is.”

LEE on what makes him angry:
: “I’m probably most angry with myself. When I feel like I’ve hurt somebody’s feelings – that makes me feel really bad.”

BANA on what makes him angry:
[laughs] “Well, I have two children, so I’m usually Hulked out by eight am!”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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