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THE MOVIE: Freaky Friday

Jamie Lee Curtis • Lindsay Lohan
DIRECTOR: Mark Waters

Anna (Lindsay Lohan, center) hangs out with best friends Peg (Haley Hudson, left) and Maddie (Christina Vidal, right) at school in The Walt Disney Pictures comedy “Freaky Friday" THE CONCEPT:
Forty-something psychologist, Tess Coleman (Curtis), and her fifteen year old daughter, Anna (Lohan), are not getting along, having different opinions on clothes, hair, music and men – then a pair of magical fortune cookies switch mother and daughter into each other’s bodies, and they are forced to live as one another for a day.

U.S. RELEASE: August 6 2003, Nationwide • Rated: PG


“One of my problems with the original movie (which was made in 1978 and starred Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster) was that it felt like the performances were too general. When Barbara Harris was being the teenager, she acted like she was drunk, and when Jodie Foster was being the adult, she acted like a British nanny. I really wanted to make sure that it felt like Jamie and Lindsay were in each other’s skin, down to the smallest mannerisms. So during the rehearsal period, I had Lindsay playing Tess, with Jamie watching, and Jamie playing Anna, so Lindsay could watch her. So when the switch happens their performances got a lot more specific because they had these reference points.”

“It’s not the kind of comedy where there’s actually a real discord between the mother and daughter. They just don’t understand each other. Ultimately, the gift that the whole movie talks about is this gift of walking in each other’s shoes and seeing what is missing in your life.”

“It was hard for me to play my character. Jamie has experienced being a teenager, but I’ve never experienced being an adult. But we videotaped Jamie doing her character throughout the whole movie and I watched that. It helped me figure out little gestures that Jamie would do in a scene.”

“Lindsay Lohan is nothing like the character of Anna, who’s this bad attitude, punk-rocking, tough girl … almost a tomboy. That’s not who Lindsay is, and yet, she’s pulled that off brilliantly.”

JAMIE LEE CURTIS on playing Anna in the movie:
“My daughter gave me the greatest hint. One day we were driving home from rehearsal and she said, ‘Mom, you don’t have to try so hard to be a teenager. You are the teenager. You’re the most teenage-like grownup I know.’ She’s right. They found the most immature 43-year-old woman ever born who could headline a movie.”

“I don’t fight with my mom. My mom and I get along really well. I confide in her all the time, I feel like it’s important to tell her the truth and let her know what’s going on, not only because she has experienced it, but she’ll know I’m lying if I’m lying. And I feel like I’m a good kid, so she doesn’t have much to worry about, and she knows that, because I tell her everything.”

“The thing about these body-switching movies, particularly the mother/daughter dynamic, is that they are ripe for updating, because the issues that were going on between the mother and daughter in the original movie seemed so lighthearted and meaningless compared to what’s going on with mothers and daughters today.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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