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Mike Vogel • Adam Brody • Jennifer Morrison
DIRECTOR: Casey La Scala

Mike Vogel and Jennifer Morrison THE CONCEPT:
In this comedy, Eric Rivers (Mike Vogel) and his friends take a road trip together to follow their seemingly impossible dream of becoming professional skateboarders

U.S. RELEASE: August 15 2003, Nationwide • Rated: PG-13


“I grew up skating in high school, so that was the world that I was coming from, and all the other guys had experience as well, so it helped. But having the pros there totally authenticated everything we were doing.”

“I learned how to skateboard for the movie, but luckily we had the pros doing all the amazing stunts. We want to give kids what they want to see, and that’s the best skating.”

“It was extremely important that we knew about skating, but the big thing we’ve been stressing is that this isn’t a serious skateboarding movie. With skateboarders, you’re dealing with a cynical audience, and rightly so because they’ve had to fight for every step that they’ve gained in this sport. And the last thing we would want to do is take that from them and say that this is your sport through our eyes.”

“The bottom line is we’ve made a comedy that exists in that world. So we did everything we could to authenticate that, and most of that was having the pros on the set, which caused us to be living that world. We were always on our skateboards on the set. There was definitely that family camaraderie, helping each other get better.”

“That’s why a lot of people skateboard, because of the community of it. All my best friends today are still the kids that I skated with throughout high school. What’s great about skateboarding as a sport is it’s not like football or baseball where you’re going, ‘I hope he misses.’ These guys are pushing each other constantly, even at the competition level, hoping they will succeed, because every time they succeed it pushes the sport that much further ahead.”

“Mike and I agree that the passion is what we really identified with in both of our characters. With Jamie it was cool, because she really is an assertive girl, which is fun to get to play because there are so few roles out there where you can put that out there for a young audience. These people wake up every morning and they love to skate, and that’s the same way we feel about acting.”

“My character, aside from being very passionate, is very optimistic and I know nothing about that in my life. I’m the most negative, pessimistic person this world has ever given birth to. When my friends are having a bad day, they always call me and ask me how my day went, and it makes them feel better.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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