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THE MOVIE: Jeepers Creepers 2

Ray Wise • Jonathan Breck
DIRECTOR: Victor Salva

Jeepers Creepers 2 THE CONCEPT:
The Creeper is back – this time devouring a new group of victims, including some members of a sports team and their cheerleaders on a bus trip home from a game – but one victim’s father is on the Creeper’s trail, attempting to stop his voracious appetite.

U.S. RELEASE: August 29 2003, Nationwide • Rated: R


“I wanted to see if I could make a film like Lifeboat, which has twelve characters trapped in one location and captures all the drama that goes on among them. In that film, the threat is survival at sea. In this film, however, the stakes are higher; we have kids trapped on a school bus with something outside that wants to destroy them.”

RAY WISE (Taggart):
“When Victor asked me to play Taggart [who hunts the Creeper] in this film, he explained it in literary terms, he said, ‘He’s like Ahab in Moby Dick,’ right down to the harpoon, and that’s all he had to say.”

JONATHAN BRECK (the Creeper):
“The origin of the Creeper is purposely left to be a mystery, and when you don’t define a character, you don’t put a fence around it and say that he can only do these things. That way we can keep coming up with new things. The Creeper’s abilities unfold as the film goes on. In this film I got to spend most of time on wires in the air, which was a whole new thing for me, personally and as the character.”

“From our perspective, this movie is not about the monster, it’s about our characters and Victor did an amazing job in developing each character. We collaborated with him about our back stories, which gave us a lot to work with, because we are basically a bunch of real people in a crazy situation.”

“It’s hard to imagine Jonathan Breck as the Creeper, because he’s so handsome and funny.”

“My first movie was Swamp Thing and the difference between that and this film is, the make up has gotten much better, the appliances on the creatures have gotten much better; they’re more expressive, more realistic looking. Every aspect of the production has vastly improved - the special effects are just wonderful.”

“The Creeper is a very discerning hunter, and he looks for the best in everybody because by ingesting a piece of somebody, he regenerates into that piece. So when I’m looking for a new head in this movie, I have to look for a good-looking head!”

“Nobody knows what the Creeper is, but I have a feeling that he’s very elemental. He springs from the earth, and he’s been around since the beginning of time, since before life on this planet. Freddy and Jason would not stand a snowball’s chance in hell against this guy. His molecules stay around forever; you could burn him and throw his ashes into different oceans and he’d still come back together again … especially if there’s money to be made!”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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