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THE MOVIE: Cabin Fever

Rider Strong • Jordan Ladd

Something is there THE CONCEPT:
A group of friends vacationing in a remote cabin encouter a weird hermit who has contracted a horrific flesh-eating disease. And too late they realize that the virus is highly contagious...

U.S. RELEASE: September 12 2003, Nationwide
• Rated: R


Cabin Fever has been a 10 year journey. I originally wrote the story for this in 1993. It was based on a series of horrific incidents that happened to me. I’m the king of freak illnesses. When I was 12, I got this weird infection in my hip and it paralyzed me for 6 weeks. When I was 19, I worked on a farm and got an itch and, just like in the movie, I looked at my hand and there were chunks and blood. Two years later, I woke up one morning and peeled down the sheet and my legs were completely cracked and bleeding – everything in this movie has happened to me. So I had this feeling that viruses and bacteria were going to get us all, so I started writing the story and, eight years later, here we are.”

“When we had a break in shooting, I went for a hike in the woods, and I was covered in blood, and this Girl Scout troop of eleven-year-olds were hiking, and we passed each other on the trail, and they freaked out, because here was this guy in the woods with blood on his face. And then they recognized me from my TV show Boy Meets World, and they started screaming and I was freaking out, so I ran away from them, back to the set.”

JORDAN LADD (Karen) on her horrific makeup:
“It was cool. It took three hours to put on. I had formed all these bonds with the crew and the cast, and nobody would look at me with the make up on. Everybody looked at the floor and wouldn’t talk to me, and I couldn’t talk because I had these false teeth and I couldn’t move [my mouth], so I was a mute with a hideous face.”

“We wanted the film to have the look and feel of a late-70’s-early-80’s horror film, but not the look of a low budget production.”

“I think The Shining was the scariest movie I’ve ever seen. It took me three times to finally finish the movie. I saw it when I was eight, and it freaked me out. And I tried to watch it again when I was 18 and I still couldn’t finish the movie.”

“I have a sick sense of humor. While I do not find real life violence funny, I truly enjoy movies that are so violent and disturbing they become funny. I wanted to make a film that would have a certain level of violence, but never crossed the line of exploitation.”

LADD on whether her mother, actress Cheryl Ladd, had seen the movie:
“She hasn’t seen the film, but I hope she loves it. She was in Satan’s School for Girls!

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

Visit the official Cabin Fever site
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