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THE MOVIE: Good Boy!

Matthew Broderick • Donald Faison • Vanessa Redgrave • Liam Aiken • Molly Shannon • Kevin Nealon
DIRECTOR: John Hoffman

Owen Baker (Aiken) a 12 year-old loner, has been working, walking the neighborhood dogs, so he can earn the privilege of getting a dog of his own. When he adopts a scruffy mutt he names Hubble (Broderick), he discovers the canine is on a mission from Dog Star Sirius.

U.S. RELEASE: October 10 2003, Nationwide • Rated: PG


JOHN HOFFMAN on casting a dog to play Hubble:
“In casting Hubble, I knew I needed a middle-management type who underneath was a softy that just wants a hug. It sounds strange to put it in those terms, but when you look at hundreds of dogs, notice their characteristics and the subtle variations between them, those terms make perfect sense. When I saw Flynn, I knew he was Hubble. That dog had star quality.”

“Hubble’s sort of mid-level official who’s come to Earth to shape up the other dogs because they’re not taking over the planet like they’re supposed to. It’s a funny idea to have my voice come out of a dog.”

LIAM AIKEN on working with all the dogs:
“It was incredible. The dogs were so well trained. We’d rarely have to do the scenes more than four times, which is pretty good. They’re all real dogs. The only thing they didn’t do was fly. Hubble flying was him jumping, and then they did it in the computer.”

DONALD FAISON (voice of Wilson, the boxer):
“I did this film completely for my children. They thought I was actually in a dog suit. They were like, ‘Daddy, are you inside a dog suit?’ I said, ‘No, I’m just doing the voice and it’s computer animated onto the dog.’ They said, ‘Computer animated? That makes no sense; let’s just go with you’re in the dog suit!’”

“This is such a good movie that I’m just happy to be a part of it. I did want to play one of the dogs, but all those parts were taken. I would have played the Bernese Mountain dog or the mutt.”

“I got a dog at the end of the movie. The production gave me one. He’s a miniature greyhound like Nelly (the mini-greyhound in the film). He’s a cousin. Same breeder. His name is Kes. It’s an old English movie about a boy and a Kestrel. My mom saw it and told me about it.”

“The last day of shooting was the day we shot the scene where Liam cries because he misses Hubble, and if the secret got out that he was getting a dog, I was terrified he wasn’t going to be able to play that scene, because he was just going to be too damned happy. After we shot the scene, we set up another fake scene and gave him the dog – that probably will be on the DVD.”

“A family film has to have comedy that adults can relate to as well, and I think this film offers that. When the dogs start playing dead, and getting up on their hind legs and staggering around, I laughed a lot.”

“This is a great movie, and it’s sequel worthy. I hope there will be one.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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