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THE MOVIE: The Matrix Revolutions

Keanu Reeves • Carrie-Ann Moss • Laurence Fishburne • Hugo Weaving
DIRECTOR: The Wachowski Brothers

Matrix moment THE CONCEPT:
The tagline: Everything that has a beginning has an end
And in this stunning conclusion of the Matrix trilogy, Neo must find a way to stop the war between the machines and Zion.

U.S. RELEASE: November 5 2003, Nationwide
• Rated: R


“We felt our fans would really want to see the movie right away, so we had the idea of opening the movie on the same day. And due to the reality of piracy, and the fact that sometimes these films before they get to theatres are available on street corners, we decided to have an actual moment-by-moment release, so 9 a.m. New York time on November 5th will be zero hour, which is 6 a.m. in the morning here in L.A., 11 a.m. in Tokyo – this movie will begin playing on almost 20,000 screens worldwide, in over 53 countries.”

KEANU REEVES on shooting the final fight sequence in the rain between Neo and Smith:
“In the first take when Hugo (Weaving) and I fight, the rain came down and we realized that we couldn’t see. But we’ve fought so much we found we didn’t have to see, which was kind of a cool thing.”

“The groovy thing about these characters is that they are going to live with us for the rest of our lives. We don’t necessarily have to say goodbye to them. They are a part of us now.”

“I love playing Trinity. She’s such a great character. All the characters in Revolution have so much heart and they’re so strong, and I attribute that to Larry and Andy (Wachowski), because they really understand women and understand people. It’s been an honor to play a woman with the kind of strengths that Trinity has, with her heart and her body too.”

“I love scenes like the one between Neo and the Architect, with ideas and vision, but it’s fun to do the big fights too.”

“I think what’s great about the movie is, it doesn’t try to answer any of the questions for you. It engages the audience and challenges the audience into thinking about these things. It operates on so many different levels that it allows you, if you want to, to explore the philosophy, but if you want a really great ride you can do that as well.”

“It wasn’t so important for me that I understood every single thing (in the Matrix) intellectually. For me it’s about my understanding something and feeling things. We all talked about the ultimate idea of the movie. We’re all very conscious people looking to understand ourselves and the world more, and the movie reflects that.”

“We were very clear that The Matrix Reloaded was only half a movie, and the reaction (from the audience) was, we only saw half the movie. So this is the other half of the picture and the conclusion of the story, and I think it’s very satisfying and thrilling.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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