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THE MOVIE: Love Donít Cost a Thing

Nick Cannon • Christina Milian • Steve Harvey
DIRECTOR: Troy Beyer

Love Donít Cost a Thing THE CONCEPT:
Based on the 1987 comedy Canít Buy Me Love, Nick Cannon portrays Alvin Johnson a high-school geek who longs to be hip and have girlfriends. When the queen of the Elites, Paris Morgan (Christina Milian), wrecks her motherís car, Alvin, an automotive expert, makes a deal with her Ė heíll fix the car for free if she will pretend heís her boyfriend for three weeks.

U.S. RELEASE: December 12 2003, Nationwide
• Rated: PG-13


ďWhat really attracted me to this role I would honestly say, is I loved Canít Buy Me Love. When I was seven years old that film was the film to see. And then, the fact that I got to play two characters in one role Ė the geek and the cool guy. In Drumline people were like, ĎHe was good in that, but it seemed like he was being himself.í So I wanted to show people that, one, I wasnít like the character in Drumline, and two, Iím not like this character either. But with this you can see the difference and the range.Ē

CHRISTINA MILIAN on whether she thinks this movie improves on Canít Buy Me Love:
ďI think it does. Iím happy they didnít go with the exact story of Canít Buy Me Love. I loved that movie, it was cute, kids can relate to it. But I think thereís a little more depth to our film as far as Paris learning about herself. Itís really the relationship between Alvin and Paris and what happens with them.Ē

STEVE HARVEY (Clarence Johnson):
ďI didnít have to read for this part [as Alvinís dad], but scheduling-wise I couldnít do it because I donít get off the air [with my radio show] until 10 a.m., and they were on the set at 5:30 a.m. But they waited every day Ė I showed up on the set at 11 a.m. and would shoot until about midnight, then get up at 3 a.m. so that I could go on the air at 4 a.m. It was a pretty tough three-week period for me. So we designed a character that could wear a hat, and I let him be a little scruffed up, so I didnít have to waste time with make-up and hair.Ē

ďThe chemistry between Christina and I played really well, because we knew each other before the film started. Christina started on the Disney Channel, I started on Nickelodeon, she was involved in music, I was involved in music Ė a lot of similarities allowed us to become friends in the beginning, and when we started working on this film, I got to know her even better.Ē

ďI wasnít as popular in school as my character Paris is. I was kind of more to myself. Paris only hangs out with the popular people, but throughout the movie she comes to learn about herself and love herself, and know thatís not who she really is.Ē

ďIn movies youíve got these writers who are standing there, who have put their heart and soul into the business of writing, and they want you to say their words. So what I ended up doing is, Iíd do a take the way it is in the script; then they let me do my take. And according to the movie that Iíve been seeing, they kept my takes mostly.Ē

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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