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THE MOVIE: Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Elijah Wood • Sean Astin • Viggo Mortensen
• Orlando Bloom • Liv Tyler
DIRECTOR: Peter Jackson

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King THE CONCEPT:
As the epic trilogy comes to an end, and takes its rightful place in motion picture history, Tolkien’s story of the heroic quest of the Fellowship, their relationships and rivalries, reveals that through courage, commitment and determination, even the smallest of us can make a difference.

U.S. RELEASE: December 17 2003, Nationwide
• Rated: PG-13


“The theatrical versions are the definitive versions of these films. I regard the extended cuts as being a novelty for the fans that really want to see the extra material.”

“A lot of people are asking if we are emotional because we’re all together again, doing the last tour, finally releasing the last film. But I think we really went through the end of the experience last June with the pick-ups of the last film, because that’s when we really had to say goodbye to the character, the crew, to the trailer, to the whole all-encompassing experience of work on these movies. You can imagine the emotion tied into the last bit of filming.”

“Sam becomes important to the spine of the story at the end of the books, and the climax of that is the third film, because at a certain point the Ring can’t go forward anymore with Sam. So to that extent, I knew there was going to come a time, while shooting and viewing the movies, where everyone’s attention would be directed towards Sam. So I just wanted to be equal to the moment.”

“In the end the thing I found, and I think the others would agree, that closest to the story and to the characters, was ourselves. The mirror of the story was our experience and our ways of dealing especially with difficult days or situations. That’s what forges individual character, and that’s what forges friendships like the ones that we have that will last forever. I can imagine our kids saying, ‘your mom and my dad …’ you know? I can see that.”

LIV TYLER (Arwen):
“The first thing I ever shot in the movie with the second unit was Arwen on a horse for the first film, and it was the last thing I ever shot at the end of the movie. A lot of this wasn’t all that high tech, and there were all these scene where I was on the back of a barrel with the grips [rocking it back and forth, simulating a horse]. I thought for sure this was the end of my career. I’m going to be so silly when they see it, and I’m never going to work again, and then I saw it and I was like YEAH.”

“As actors we just had to completely put all our heart, trust and faith into Peter Jackson, and just know that he was going to pull it off. When I was fighting the troll in the cave, I was like, ‘Pete, you just better make this a really gnarly beast otherwise I’m going to feel like a complete fool.’ And he always came through.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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