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Martin Henderson • Ice Cube • Monet Mazur
DIRECTOR: Joseph Kahn

MONET MAZUR and MARTIN HENDERSON in the high-speed action adventure “Torque,” distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. Photo by Richard Foreman THE CONCEPT:
Practically an amusement park ride, the movie is one of the fastest and most furious biker films ever produced. Cary Ford (Henderson) is framed for the murder of Junior, the younger brother of Trey (Ice Cube) and must prove his innocence while being chased by Trey as well as the FBI.

U.S. RELEASE: January 16 2004, Nationwide
• Rated: PG-13


“I didn’t design this to be a realistic biker film. I think anybody who watches it can say, it’s extremely stylized, it’s hyper-real, there’s a sense of humor to it, it winks at the audience. I don’t want anybody to do any stunt that’s in the movie and then try to sue me for it, because it’s a fantasy, it’s a comic book.”

“What’s great about the movie is that every shot is choreographed and composed quite intricately, and in a lot of those action sequences you had to hit it right on the dial because there had to be maybe someone’s face to the right of a tire, or someone would come zipping past you and the camera would pan around. So, as an actor, you had to be quite involved with the technical aspect that Joseph brought to the film – it was a different kind of discipline.”

“I’ve got an edge on me in this movie, but who wouldn’t? I’m the leader of a motorcycle gang and somebody killed my brother. I think I’ve got to be extremely pissed to pull it off.”

“The hardest scene I had to shoot was when Martin comes into my shop. She’s kind of cold to him when he comes back, but by the end of the scene Joseph wanted me really emotional and I didn’t agree with him at all. I didn’t think she would be crying yet for him. But he was so adamant about it that we shot a the scene where I’m crying in the end. It felt so awkward, and we didn’t end up using it.”

KAHN on casting Henderson:
“I went through hundreds of actors, and the one criteria that I had was that my actor should be American, because I always saw this as a western on bikes, and Ford is kind of your classic American hero. Martin was the last guy I looked at, I was only weeks away from shooting. I had a phone call from him and heard this California dude on the other end, then I met him and he auditioned. He was great, and I hired him. Then he busted out this New Zealand accent, and I said, ‘You fooled me’”

“My motivation before every scene was – look cool! (laughs) When someone says, you’re going to be an action hero, you’re like, ‘Ok, I’ll look tough, I’ll look cool.’ The real reason I started acting was purely to have fun and to entertain. So I really embraced this whole project, because for me it was kind of a return to the whole reason I started acting.”

“I didn’t see Biker Boyz, I just know having Joseph Kahn as a director our movie is visually superior. I think that’s what you want with this movie. You want a ride. This feels like a videogame as well as a movie. It’s kind of smart, you got a little taste of a western to it, and it winks at you because it doesn’t take itself seriously.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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