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THE MOVIE: The Butterfly Effect

Ashton Kutcher • Amy Smart
DIRECTORS: Eric Bress & J. Mackye Gruber

The Butterfly Effect THE CONCEPT:
During his childhood, Evan Treborn (Kutcher) was confronted with such disturbing and terrifying situations that he erased them from his mind. Under the care of a psychologist, he was encouraged to keep a journal. Now in college, Evan reads the journal for the first time, finding that he is inexplicably thrust back in time to change the past, only to discover when he tampers with the past, his future and the future of everyone around him changes as well.

U.S. RELEASE: January 23 2004, Nationwide • Rated: R


We did this movie for $9 million. Its a difficult film to make for that kind of money, because there were multiple kinds of settings and feelings with the movie. From day to day, we would be in different realities. Id be in prison one day and the next day Id been in a wheelchair with no arms. So, that got really tricky. I did a lot of research on different psychological disorders, and I practiced riding around in a wheelchair just to see how the public will look at you when youre handicapped.

AMY SMART (Kayleigh) on what she would change in her past if she could:
I think that as you get older you become more confident and secure in who you are. I think that life is about growth and you continue to grow and progress hopefully. So, I think, it would be pretty cool to go back in the past and go through your insecurity stages [knowing what you know now].

I think we can change our past. I truly believe that, and I believe it happens now. I think this is the lesson of the movie the actions that we take in our present life have the ability to change our past. If we have a relationship that needs mending from our past, the opportunity is right now to go back and fix it. I think that I wouldnt change anything other than the things that Im actively changing.

SMART on which was the hardest alternate reality for her to play:
I worked on all the realities a lot, but I think the most gratifying for me was the heroin-junkie/prostitute, because it was something that I had to really dive into, and just go there and be 100% committed to it. I did a lot of work on that. We actually went to this little section of Vancouver thats the highest populated heroin-using section in all of North America, because of the port from Asia. We got to witness a lot of really messed up people and their body language.

I would say the most difficult reality was the first one in the movie [before I go back in time], because that was the base character. [I had to] understand the psychology behind a person that has blacked out the traumatic moments in his life - he becomes a person thats hiding the most. Thats why I decided to wear facial hair, and actually getting to that character helped me understand really who this guy was and that hes really trying to hide who he really is whether its facial hair or his mannerisms. Hes a very internal human being. So, finding that guy was the most difficult. The other realities were just adaptations of that.

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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