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THE MOVIE: Twisted

Ashley Judd • Samuel L. Jackson • Andy Garcia
DIRECTOR: Philip Kaufman

Jessica Shepard (Judd), a newly promoted inspector who is searching for a serial killer, is shocked to discover that the men she’s recently slept with are the victims. As the investigation becomes more twisted, her partner (Garcia) begins to act strangely and the police commissioner (Jackson) is being pressured to remove her from the case, as she is becoming the prime suspect.

U.S. RELEASE: February 27 2004, Nationwide
• Rated: R


ASHLEY JUDD on playing a tough cop:
“It was such a positive experience, and I think Sarah Thorp (who wrote the screenplay), wrote a fantastic character. She came up with this plot where an inspector suspects herself, I’m doing things behind my own back. I blackout, I can’t account for my own whereabouts. And she created this kind of gender stereotype-breaking character to carry it off.”

“I’ve admired Phil’s work for a long time, and after seeing him in action, I can understand why his films are of such quality. I think he took a great story and elevated it to a psychological thriller with an ending they’ll never see coming.”

“My thing was to work with Phil. That’s why I did this movie. I knew Sam and Ashley were involved. I knew Sam as a friend, Ashley, I didn’t know but I was a fan of hers. But to me the director is the thing. I’d been a great admirer of Phil’s work, and I just wanted to have that experience with him. And I tried to be of service to him. I said, ‘How does my character function in this story?’ And that’s what we concentrated on, and then the movie came together.”

“I think the concept is amazing, the writing has great pizzazz and the story is absolutely captivating – just like Jessica herself. This is definitely not your classic ‘woman in danger’ movie. It has lots of twists, not to mention an incredibly well-rounded female lead who is ready to take on the sexual double standard and stand up to any man who challenges her. She’s just fabulous, and I love how her toughness doesn’t eclipse her vulnerability.”

“I try to do things (in films) that make sense to me as the audience member watching it. So that if you’re sitting there watching it, you’ll say, ‘That’s logical.’ I always try and make sense. A lot of times I sit in the movies and go, ‘Oh, why are they doing that? Don’t do that.’ I want the audience to stay with me and believe what I do.”

“I’m not one to think that my work has an effect on my personal life, it’s my day job and I try to keep it as that, but I was real worn out at the end (of each day), and I’m starting to speculate that maybe what the character goes through emotionally had something to do with it. I was in this beautiful setting, in my favorite city in America (San Francisco), surrounded by family and friends, and I was so exhausted that I would go home and basically say, ‘I’ll call you when I wake up.’”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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