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THE MOVIE: Starsky and Hutch

Ben Stiller • Owen Wilson • Snoop Dogg • Vince Vaughn
DIRECTOR: Todd Phillips

Starsky and Hutch THE CONCEPT:
Based on the successful 70’s TV series starring Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul, the movie version of Starsky and Hutch stars Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson as the mismatched cops. Still set in the 70’s (an inspired choice), with Snoop Dogg as their informant, Huggy Bear (inspired casting), the pair of crime-fighters must solve their first murder case as a team.

U.S. RELEASE: March 5 2004, Nationwide
• Rated: PG-13


BEN STILLER (David Starsky):
“I was over the moon to meet Paul Michael Glaser, just because I really did idolize him on the show. He was a cool guy, and that’s essentially what the show was. It was these two cool guys being cool together.”

OWEN WILSON (Ken ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson):
“It was great to see Paul and David (Soul) when they showed up on the set, see them play off of each other in the movie. That’s why the show was so big. They were more than friendly, it was like the way you would hope two buddy cops would be. They were protective of each other. They kid each other, but you knew that they had each other’s back.”

SNOOP DOGG (Huggy Bear):
“I used to race home from school to watch Starsky and Hutch. I thought Huggy was a cool dude. I just don’t think that he was able to do what I’ve been able to pull off in this movie. I wanted to take it to the next level, because this is a new era. Back in the 70’s, they really wouldn’t permit him to say too much. On this movie, Todd Phillips let me come and add my flavor to Huggy Bear the way he thought I could do it with the hair, outfits and jewelry.”

VINCE VAUGHN (Reese Feldman) on playing the bad guy in the movie:
“If you watch a comedy and the villain is totally ridiculous, then there’s no tension whatsoever. So I just kept it in the realm of reality, and sometimes I would go for being a little bit menacing, and other times I would go a little more comedic, that was the best way to service the film with a role like this.”

“If you see Antonio Fargas (who played Huggy on the series) in all his other movies he was sharp. T.V. was T.V. back then. This is a movie, so I’m able to stretch it. For kids, those who didn’t get to see Huggy Bear, now they have a different perception and they can feel the way I felt about him.”

“Originally they were talking about doing this movie in present day, and I can’t imagine what it would have been like.”

“Yeah, we did consider doing it in the present. Actually, that was the first idea, but I couldn’t figure out a reason why I would be in it. So I think hitting on the 70’s was the key – the way Todd describes it, this might have been the original pilot for Starsky and Hutch, and then they fired us and recast with David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser!”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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