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THE MOVIE: Agent Cody Banks: Destination London

Frankie Muniz • Anthony Anderson • Hannah Spearritt
DIRECTOR: Kevin Allen

Agent Cody Banks returns THE CONCEPT:
In this sequel to his popular movie Agent Cody Banks, Frankie Muniz returns as the super-cool spy, whose new adventure takes him to London, pursuing a rogue CIA agent who has stolen a top-secret mind-control device.

U.S. RELEASE: March 12 2004, Nationwide • Rated: PG


“In the first movie Cody is called up by the CIA, and he has his first mission, and he wants to do good and kick butt. Whereas this time he’s saved the world once before, so he’s just into getting the mission done. Anthony Anderson’s character is how Cody was in the first film, just wanting to have fun.”

“Kevin (Allen) allowed us a lot of freedom, and I really love it when you work with a director like that. As long as we stayed within the parameters and conveyed the message that needed to be conveyed within the scene, he let us bounce off the wall and have fun.”

“I got this job at the 11th hour, it was more like 10 to 12! They lost their director. I think Howard [Zwart] had a few too many special effects up his sleeve, and they wanted to make this for a very specific price, and they let him go. Then time was ticking away because Frankie had to get back to his TV show, and I agreed to do it. I feel really good about the movie, I think it’s a great achievement and I’m proud of it.”

“I’ve never done a fight sequence before, but there’s one in Cody Banks. They wanted to give me a couple of kickboxing lessons beforehand, but in the end there wasn’t enough time to do that. I did have a stunt double just in case, who was dressed up in my suite with a blonde wig, and I think she came in for one move, when I have to kick someone around the back of my head – my legs could never do that!”

MUNIZ about shooting in the London Eye:
“We were the first movie to ever film there, which was kind of nice, and we actually got kicked out at the end of the day. When we finally finished shooting, the crew guys and Anthony thought it would be funny to moon the camera that takes a picture at the end of the ride, and apparently they’re very strict about that – not like you can’t open up the newspaper and see naked girls on Page Three every day! But they kicked us off that, and ended up calling the next location and they cancelled that too. It was funny, because Anthony just wanted the picture – but they were going to press charges, so we just ran away.”

“We had a run in with British Airways [that owns the London Eye]. They made me rewrite a scene the night before we shot at the Eye because they wouldn’t allow Indian food in the pod. So we went around eight times [shooting], and they take a tourist picture when you alight from the pod, and we thought, ‘Let’s take our trousers down.’ They wouldn’t give us the picture, and they’ve banned us for life … like we care!”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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