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THE MOVIE: Mean Girls

Lindsay Lohan • Rachel McAdams • Tina Fey
• Lacey Chabert • Amanda Seyfried
DIRECTOR: Mark Waters

Beware the girls… THE CONCEPT:
An edgy and witty teenage comedy about a home-schooled 15-year-old, Cady (Lohan), who enters public high school for the first time and meets the three meanest girls in school, the Plastics (McAdams, Chabert, Seyfried).

U.S. RELEASE: April 30 2004, Nationwide
• Rated: PG-13


“I’m a big Saturday Night Live, Mean Girls fan, and it was great talking with Tina Fey about the script. I loved it so much because it’s not often that you find a teenage film that’s not cheesy. This one’s edgy and smart, quick and fun, and Tina hits places that you can relate to.”

“My high school experience wasn’t all that bad, but I think a lot of people really have a painful time. And there are mixed messages the girls get. They’re told, oh you have girl power, and it translates into wearing a tight shirt that says ‘girl power’, and then they’re calling each other bitches and whores and not supporting each other, and I’d like these girls to have a better sense of themselves.”

“I played Cady quiet and meek in the beginning of the film, and then it was so much easier to see her as this mean girl because her look was so much more drastic. It’s more comfortable being the nice girl, but it’s more fun being the mean girl.”

“Tina’s voice was so strong in the script, she wrote characters that were already so well defined and different from each other that the lines were never blurred. It was really cool, and Mark Waters focused on us being real but being as funny as possible, which is such a great combination.”

LOHAN on whether she got on with the girls playing the Plastics:
: “It was hard because they had to play the mean girls and I’m the innocent one. I was nervous that they were going to get along really well, and I was just going to be there and completely excluded. But no, they were really cool and we all made it a point to hang out with each other.”


“Just be yourself and ignore them. The more you get caught up in it, and the more you take the time to invest in what’s going on with them, the more it’s just going to make you miserable.”

“They should know first of all that it’s not worth fighting, it’s not worth being the mean girls’ friend.”

“I just think girls become so wrapped up in superficial issues that don’t really matter, such as hair, make up and clothes, all the things that are represented in the movie, and while those things can be fun and interesting, girls need to be taught and encouraged to find out who they are creatively as a person.”

“Mean girls are always going to exist, and you can’t fight them. Don’t lose yourself in going along with them just to hide, because you won’t feel good about that either. But there are people like you out there. I got to university and a whole new world opened up for me, and I found people with the same interests that respected each other.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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