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THE MOVIE: Shrek 2

Voices of Mike Myers • Eddie Murphy • Cameron Diaz • Antonio Banderas • Julie Andrews • Rupert Everett • John Cleese
DIRECTOR: Andrew Adamson

Happy, for the moment THE CONCEPT:
Shrek the ogre must meet his new in-laws in the Kingdom of Far Far Away (that looks remarkably like Beverly Hills). However, Fiona’s father, the King, is so upset by their marriage that he enlists the help of a conniving fairy Godmother, the handsome Prince Charming and the famed ogre killer, Puss in Boots, to change the story to his version of ‘happily ever after.’

U.S. RELEASE: May 19 2004, Nationwide • Rated: PG


ANTONIO BANDARES on doing voice work for the first time:
“It was less hard than I thought it was going to be, and I suppose that that has to do with the team that you work with, because Melanie [Griffith, his wife] had an experience with Stuart Little that was a little bit harder than this. The director and the entire team related very much to the actors. They asked my opinion, and they loved to see you improvise sometimes. It was hard for me from one technical, stupid reason, and that was I was doing theater [Nine, on Broadway] at the time, and I had to sing every night. I had to go to C notes after trying [voice-wise] to get up a hairball out of my throat for the film.” [he laughs]

JULIE ANDREWS (Queen Lillian):
“I have to say that this animation business for me was a totally new experience, and it is tougher because you have no idea what everybody else is doing. They literally say, ‘Just say that. Now just say it a different way. Now say it commandingly. Now say it demandingly.’ So you think, ‘I wonder which one they’ll use and if it’s in character when the time comes.’ You very much hope that you haven’t gone above board, or that you’re not sub par.”

RUPERT EVERETT (Prince Charming):
“One of the things that’s kind of genius about this film, compared to a lot of live action that you see coming out of this town, is that the things the film says about the characters are much more pointed and relevant and understandable than a lot of films. I think Prince Charming is a great character for now, totally self-aware, totally self-obsessed, hair product obsessed, whiney brat.”

BANDERAS on doing the character à la Zorro:
“After 14 years here, I think that every American recognizes, ‘Oh, that’s him.’ It’s my accent. So, we went for it, yes. It wasn’t that clear at the beginning that he was going to be so much Zorro. It’s something that grew during the process. Funnily enough, the only thing that makes a difference between Zorro and this character is the main weapon for Zorro is the sword, and this cat, his main weapon is himself [making a sad face] can stop an army coming.”

JULIE ANDREWS on working with John Cleese, who does the King’s voice:
“First of all, it helped that we were both British and there was a kind of sense of humor I’d like to think. What I know is that we had a fabulously, wonderfully, funny, silly time. Nonstop off camera, off mike, and then winged it on mike so it was very fun.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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