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THE MOVIE: Spider-Man 2

Tobey Maguire • Kirsten Dunst • James Franco • Alfred Molina

Two years after the mild-mannered Peter Parker became Spider-Man, he must now cope with ‘the gift and the curse’ of his powers while balancing his dual identities as the elusive superhero and as a college student.

U.S. RELEASE: June 30 2004, Nationwide
• Rated: PG-13


TOBEY MAGUIRE on his back injury that almost prevented him from making the sequel:
“This is a back condition that I’ve had for three or four years on and off. Coming off of Seabiscuit it was bugging me a lot. Not because of Seabiscuit, I didn’t injure my back on that. That was a false report. I saw the storyboards of the stunts that I was to do on this movie, and I was a little concerned about it and felt it was my responsibility to disclose my back discomfort to the studio. Within a week my back got better than it had been in three years. As a matter of fact, it was easier to do Spider-Man 2 than Seabiscuit and Spider-Man 1. Why? I think because having had the experience of doing it before made it easier for me. And the harnesses were better and the wire rigs were easier for me for some reason.”

KIRSTEN DUNST on the fact her boyfriend, Jake Gyllenhaal might have taken over for Maguire:
“That was really a complicated time. I think Jake can do any movie, because I think he’s one of the best young actors around. He probably would have done an amazing job, but Toby is Spider-Man and so I’m happy that it all worked out and he could do the stunts.”

“I did check out the comics because I was curious to see how Doc Ock was drawn. I think he first appeared in the mid-60’s. He went through various changes but the one thing that stayed constant was this wonderful, kind of slightly sardonic, almost cruel sense of humor that he had, and we tried to maintain that in the movie because both Sam (Raimi) and I thought that was the really interesting quality.”

“Alfred did such a great job. I think that the character of Doc Ock is a more interesting character cinematically than the Green Goblin. I loved Willem (Dafoe) and I thought that he did a great job, but I actually think Doc Ock is one of the best movie villains ever. Alfred gives you those delicious one-liners perfectly, and has the right humor and the right kind of sinister thing going on, and he’s also very human and you care about him. I think that Doc Ock is just way cooler than the Green Goblin.”

“Tobey’s certainly one of the best actors of his generation. It’s that very quiet, rather intense, very economical way he has of just telling the story, which is so attractive and so compelling. He’s not one of those actors who’s intent on showing you that he’s acting.”

“I’m only contracted through Spider-Man 3 and I don’t see me signing on for a fourth and a fifth movie. It would be really interesting if Spider-Man died I think, because why doesn’t a superhero die? It would be so sad and beautiful.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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