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THE MOVIE: Before Sunset

Ethan Hawke • Julie Delpy
DIRECTOR: Richard Linklater

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy THE CONCEPT:
Sequel to the 1995's Before Sunrise when Jesse and Celine met on a train in Europe and spent 14 hours together in Vienna, swearing they’d meet in six months. Now, nine years later, they’re about to cross paths again…

U.S. RELEASE: July 2 2004, Limited • Rated: R


ETHAN HAWKE about playing Jesse again after nine years:
“It wasn’t difficult. It was something that we really wanted to do. We worked hard to try to make this happen. It wasn’t like some movie where people were dying for us to make a sequel. So for Rick [Linklater], Julie and I, I think we all felt incredibly grateful for the opportunity to try this. They are making less and less of these types of movies. It really doesn’t fit into any genre of filmmaking. So I was thrill to be back doing it.”

JULIE DELPY about getting back in character:
“We started writing the script in 2002 together. Two weeks before we shot the film, we watched Before Sunrise and had a great time doing that. We laughed and made fun of each other – what people do in watching themselves ten years before. Then we said we really had to nail the second one, because the first film is such a sweet, romantic film. Now we had to do a difficult film, so let’s not be afraid that they have grown, they have changed and it’s not so sweet and romantic, but it has taken another dimension that we need to explore and reach.”

HAWKE on the difference between this film and Before Sunrise:
”This one was harder because the first one had time cuts and montages. We met strangers and we were in amusement parks and on trains. This one is so stark and so naked that while the first one was considered very naturalistic, this one takes naturalism up a whole level to the first one. We knew if we did our jobs really well, it would look like we weren’t acting at all.”

DELPY on how Ethan has changed since the last movie:
“I think he’s grown tremendously. He was a puppy in the first film. It’s true in your early 20s women have a certain maturity that I only realize now. At the time I thought he was a great person, but kind of immature. Now our relationship is dynamic – now we’re both immature!”

HAWKE on acting like a puppy:
“Julie used to tell me that all the time. It’s funny because they show a little clip in the beginning of this movie from the first film and I can’t believe what a puppy I look like. [he laughs] My feet are too big, but I felt so old. I wonder if that is what I will feel like 10 years from now watching this one.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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