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Will Smith • Bridget Moynahan • Alan Tudyk
DIRECTOR: Alex Proyas

Behind you - it…! THE CONCEPT:
In 2035 robots are a trusted part of society, but a scientist’s suspicious suicide indicates the possibility that a robot had killed him. Det Del Spooner finds he is fighting the system alone in order to solve the crime.

U.S. RELEASE: July 16 2004, Nationwide
• Rated: PG-13


“I think that technology is moving on an absolutely breakneck speed and it was interesting because while we were developing the script for this movie, we kept advancing the year that the movie took place. Originally we were going to put it at 2060 and we took five years off for every year we were developing it until we ended up at 2035, which is to me still a conservative estimate on how quickly technology will advance.”

“I loved the gamble of making this movie, because it’s actually a small art film that is masquerading as a big summer blockbuster. Like the scene where my character is interrogating Sonny [the robot], you can’t compare that to anything. There’s no other movie where you have the level of emotion and connection with a detective interrogating a robot, without

ALAN TUDYK (Sonny the robot):
“In the digital world it was easy to have somebody in the green suit. Someone else could have done the stunts for me and everyone would be like, ‘Yep, that’s Sonny.’ But I did do all of the fights. I got into great shape.”

“Alan was a dream to work with. I think it would have been a much harder project if they didn’t have an actor playing the role of Sonny. He always gave me so much when we were performing, and also off-stage, that he made it easy for me.”

PROYAS on casting Sonny:
: “It was the hardest role I’ve ever cast. We met thousands of people, and Alan was one of the last guys to come in. He had a childlike innocence that I was after; he captured that beautifully.”

SMITH on the most difficult part of working with special effects:
“In the fight scenes I was by myself. We worked out the scene with the stunt men; I learned it and then did it by myself. It would be the perfect tabloid video that Will Smith has lost his damn mind. The thing that’s crazy is that you actually hurt yourself more when there is no one there, because when you throw a punch, you need the contact to stop your shoulder from popping out.”

: “Will would be playing around the whole time, but he’s such a professional and he knew we had so much work to do, so when it came down to shooting it was just like, ‘Alright, let’s get to it.’ He’s good like that, because I could be laughing the whole time and he knows that.”

“My son just saw the movie and he said, ‘Whoa, Dad, I loved that. But, uh, don’t save the world anymore!’”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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