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THE MOVIE: Collateral

Tom Cruise • Jamie Foxx • Jada Pinkett Smith
DIRECTOR: Michael Mann

Want a tip? THE CONCEPT:
Max (Foxx) lives the mundane life of a taxi driver, until one night when Vincent (Cruise), a contract killer, hijacks his cab, forcing Max to drive him to each of his assigned destinations.

U.S. RELEASE: August 6 2004, Nationwide • Rated: R


TOM CRUISE on playing a killer:
“It was different. I always look for a challenge and something that’s different. This definitely had every element and promise of being that. I wanted to work with Michael Mann. It was very challenging.”

“The great thing about working with Tom Cruise and Michael Mann, I got a chance to invite some of my friends down [to the set] that are actors who have not gotten a chance to work on a big-budget movie. It gave me the chance to tell my friends, ‘I’m working with Cruise, man!’ Tom Cruise is the most well-adjusted millionaire you’ll ever meet in your entire life.”

“I don’t look at these things as action films. I see it as a drama. It’s as extreme as it can be because in this one night where these guys meet, whatever their expectations and dreams are, if they even have them, are going to change. They are not going to be the same people that they were before tonight. That’s the idea. We worked very hard to build the characters and make them real and three-dimensional as possible, just the way you are in your own lives, with as much specificity as we could build in.”

JADA PINKETT SMITH (Annie Farrell) on her craziest taxi experience:
“My girlfriend and I were in New York City and we hailed a cab. The cab pulls over. I don’t know if he thought it was just me getting in the cab, but there were two of us. I start to get inside the cab and my girlfriend comes up behind me, and the cab just pulls off, with me halfway inside. That was a pretty crazy experience.”

“When I was going to college in San Diego we rode to Tijuana because it was cheaper for college kids to go. They have no rules. You can put as many people you want in the cab. We ‘flew’ all the way to the club.”

: “I was in a cab in New York and the guy asked me where I was going. I said I was going to the hotel; I was going to get married the next day. He said, ‘Why do you want to do that?’ He asked me a whole bunch of questions and even turned the meter off and said, ‘Let’s go for a ride in my car.’ He tried to talk me out of getting married.”

“Mine was in New York. I was dropping this girl off and for some reason [the driver] decided to race another cabbie at four in the morning. I said, ‘Can you get there quickly?’ And he just took off, ripping through red lights. It was fun. I gave him a good tip.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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