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THE MOVIE: The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

Julie Andrews • Anne Hathaway • Hector Elizondo • Callum Blue • Chris Pine
DIRECTOR: Garry Marshall

Anne Hathaway, director Garry Marshall and Julie Andrews THE CONCEPT:
The sequel to the successful family film The Princess Diaries, Mia (Hathaway) is now ready to take on her role as princess of Genovia, but discovers instead that she is to be crowned Queen. However, the Genovian law states that princesses must be married before being crowned, and unless she marries within a month another will rule.

U.S. RELEASE: August 11 2004, Nationwide • Rated: G


“I read a lot of books about Victoria of Sweden getting ready for this movie, because she’s 26 years old. She’s a princess. And she’s in a country, just in terms of how conservative it is, very similar to Genovia. She handles all the graceful, wonderful ball gowny type moments with absolute aplomb and graciousness, but she’s also a very down-to-earth person. She’s always in a t-shirt and jeans and she travels to the ends of the earth doing humanitarian work. She’s a really cool person, so I based a lot of it on her.”

JULIE ANDREWS (Queen Clarisse):
“Anne is a natural and she’s a very good actress, she’s wonderful at comedy, she’s as beautiful inside as she is outside. I think she’s going to be a huge star.”

CALLUM BLUE (Andrew, Duke of Kenilworth):
“I’m so far removed from the English Aristocracy that I found a video called How to be Prince. It just followed around Prince William, waving, walking and talking. It’s the most boring thing that I have ever seen.”

ANDREWS on the relationship between her character and Joe (Hector Elizondo):
“Hector is so lovely to work with and after the first movie everyone would stop me on the street and say, ‘Were your characters an item? Will you get together in the next one? Is he going to be in it?’ They love him and his character. So I think it was a foregone conclusion that we had to do something in this new movie.”

CHRIS PINE (Nicholas):
“When I read it, the role of Nicholas reminded me a lot of those old Cary Grant movies. So I watch a lot of Cary Grant and then I read Errol Flynn’s autobiography to get that kind of swashbuckling thing going on.”

ANDREWS on singing for the first time in years in this movie:
“If you really watch it carefully I kind of slide in and out of it. I really don’t sing, not the kind of Sound of Music singing. I did wonder if I should do it at all, and I have to admit it was slightly intriguing to see if I could pull anything off at this point. Garry and I promised each other that if it didn’t work it would not be in the movie.”

HATHAWAY on Andrews’ singing:
“It was brilliant. When she’s in a room and there’s music, something about her, the air and the melody, whatever it may be, yields magic results. It’s amazing, and I got to be the girl she was singing to – I’m jealous of myself!”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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