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THE MOVIE: Without a Paddle

Seth Green • Matthew Lillard • Dax Shepard
• Burt Reynolds
DIRECTOR: Steven Brill

More trouble? THE CONCEPT:
Comedy about three longtime friends who set out to fulfill their boyhood dreams of finding a treasure somewhere in the Oregon wilderness, and end up being hunted by a bear and two crazed backwoods farmers.

U.S. RELEASE: August 20 2004, Nationwide
• Rated: PG-13


“All three of us took this movie knowing that there was going to be a certain amount of fearlessness that we had to display, because it’s an adventure comedy. When we got there and started training on the canoes and saw how intense the physical conditions were going to be, we were like, ‘Oh, wow, we are really going to have to protect each other.’ In those situations your fear is what is going to kill you.”

“I’m the guy who leads the charge out into the wilderness and gets us lost in the middle of nowhere. On the positive side, I’m also the one who holds onto the spirit of our childhood, which is a wonderful theme throughout this film.”

“Knowing I was going to work with Burt Reynolds was so exciting. I could imagine what it would feel like to be in a movie with my all time hero, but then when I was doing it, it was hard to have a perspective of what was happening. Smoky and the Bandit is my favorite movie.”

“I’ve done a lot of ensemble pictures before and it’s always a nice surprise when you can have as much fun as we all did making this film. Even before we began filming, I knew this was a project I wanted to be a part of because my son, who is 15, was so excited when he heard I’d be working with Seth, Matthew and Dax.”

“The bear we worked with was not easy. From the second he got to the set he was demanding, ‘Where are my powdered doughnuts? Who the hell are these jokers? You told me I was working with stars. I’m going back in my trailer!’”

“It was hilarious to watch Bart [the bear]. He can stay focused for about 18 seconds, very much like myself, and then he just goes off into another world. For example, he’ll be running along doing what he’s supposed to do, an then he just stops an tears apart a tree, so they have to wrangle him back in. It was quite an experience.”

“I got a foot away from the bear, and it was really scary. You couldn’t touch him. We were so silly, we were like, ‘Oh, I hope we get to spend three weeks with this bear and by the end we’ll be riding him!’ But we asked the trainers, and they said, ‘If you’re lucky, at the end of three weeks, you might work up to looking him in the eye.’ It was very serious. It’s a 15 hundred pound wild animal that has an instinct for eating things.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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