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THE MOVIE: Wicker Park

Josh Hartnett • Diane Kruger • Rose Byrne
• Matthew Lillard
DIRECTOR: Paul McGuigan

Lost lovers THE CONCEPT:
Based on the French movie L’Appartement. Matthew (Hartnett) and Lisa (Kruger) meet and fall in love, and everything seems perfect, until the day she disappears without a trace. Two years later, Matthew catches a glimpse of Lisa in a restaurant and becomes obsessed with searching for her. The movie intricately moves back and forth in Time and reveals the story from varying perspectives.

U.S. RELEASE: September 3 2004, Nationwide • Rated: PG-13


“It’s a little different from L’Appartement. We didn’t try to duplicate the original; Paul [McGuigan] had a different idea in mind for this one. I think it’s quite a bit different but, at the same time, it honors the intention of the original story.”

“When I auditioned for this movie, I really connected with the character and the material. But I never heard back from the producers or anyone, so I put it out of my mind. Then they hired Paul and called me to meet with him, and we got along great. A few days later they called to tell me I got the part. After all that time I decided it was just a bit of fate.”

“I could relate to my character, there is a fine line between love and obsession. The way I look at it, I think true love is just requited obsession. I’ve fallen in love with people before and usually it happens pretty quickly, and then becomes over-the-top sometimes. If you ever look back at notes you might have written, or seen some videotape of you two together [a while after you dated], you realize how idiotic you look. I’ve been there.”

“Josh surprised me a lot, because I’d never met a Hollywood movie star/heartthrob. He was reserved and shy. He could have been cocky, because he’s so handsome. I thought it was really nice that he was a humble, regular guy. He’s also very serious and committed to his craft.”

HARTNETT on shooting in Montreal:
“It was so cold that there were days that we could barely shoot because the camera kept freezing. Montreal had its coldest winter on record that year. With the wind chill factor, it was negative 50 Fahrenheit. You’d be outside in a fall jacket for this movie, and it was 30 seconds before your skin would freeze.”

“On TV they were saying, ‘Don’t go outside for more than 10 minutes or your nose will fall off.’ I’m not kidding. There’s one scene where Matthew and Lisa are in the park talking, it was so cold we did it in two takes because Josh’s mouth couldn’t even move anymore.”

“I definitely had a lot of empathy for my character, trying not to do a cliché with it, otherwise it’s boring. I’ve been in situations where I’ve fallen for someone who I shouldn’t have fallen for, but still tried to pursue it against my better judgment. But doing a role like this is so much fun, it’s so Shakespearian.”

Written by Jusy Sloane. Back to top

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