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THE MOVIE: Cellular

Kim Basinger • Chris Evans • Jason Statham
DIRECTOR: David R Ellis

Calling for help THE CONCEPT:
Jessica Martin (Basinger), a high school teacher and mother, is kidnapped and placed in a locked room, but manages to patch together a shattered phone, where she places a call to an unknown number; Ryan (Evans) answers the panicked call, and finds himself Jessica’s only salvation.

U.S. RELEASE: September 10 2004, Nationwide • Rated: PG-13


“What was happening between Jessica and Ryan was so intense, and with what the bad guys were doing, I felt we needed to give the audience a break every now and then, so we tried to interject a little bit of humor.”

CHRIS EVANS on meeting Basinger for the first time:
“The scene where I finally meet her in the movie is when we [actually] first met. It was really appropriate. I didn’t know how I felt about that, but David Ellis pointed out that it served the purpose perfectly. I was not supposed to know this woman. I’m not supposed to have any time for her whatsoever. But Kim was great; she put me right at ease. Who the hell am I? She’s got a little gold man [Oscar].”

“I really loved this opportunity, because it was more like a play to me, and I love new challenges. I said to David, “I don’t want the crew around me. I want as few people there to make it as real as I can.’ I wanted the audience up there with me. I really never got to know Jason [Statham - who plays the main kidnapper]. We never even met each other. And I told David, ‘I do not want to know what he is going to do to me when he comes in the room.’ I wanted him to surprise me, and he did.”

ELLIS on how tricky it was doing an action film with people constantly on the phone:
“I think it’s hard for the actors. We sent Chris to stunt driving school so he could learn to do all this stuff and, at the same time, do it one-handed because he’s on the phone. For Kim it’s tough because she’s trapped in a box, and she’s fighting for her life and her family’s life, with some kid that’s at first a non-believer and finally comes on board. She can only hear what he’s going through in all these different situations. Is she going to lose him? Is he going to get hurt?”

“I did the stunt driving school, and then they wouldn’t let me do the stunts. They cheated me! The first day they actually had a stunt, insurance said, ‘No dice, let the stuntman do it!’”

BASINGER on cell phone etiquette:
: “Haven’t people gone crazy? It is so disturbing. I think it’s wonderful to have a cell phone in your car in case you get in trouble, but I honestly think it should be hands free in this whole country. You see too many accidents happening. I live in my car because I live in California, and I see people making wrong turns all the time and they have the cell in their hand.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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