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THE MOVIE: The Last Shot

Matthew Broderick • Alec Baldwin • Toni Collette
DIRECTOR: Jeff Nathanson

Steven Schats (Matthew Broderick) and G-Man Joe Devine (Alec Baldwin) THE CONCEPT:
Comedy loosely based on an obscure but real life FBI undercover operation. Agent Joe Devine (Baldwin) approaches failed Hollywood screenwriter Steven Schats (Broderick) to make a low-budget movie, not informing the writer/director that it is actually a sting operation to catch members of a mob.

U.S. RELEASE: September 24, Limited • Rated: R


“The two guys the movie is based on came to the set. I didn’t meet them before we started. They were extremely supportive and excited. They were just like Steven Schats, they just thought this was great; our story’s being told, our movie is finally being made. They were just lovely about it. I think it’s nice for them to have people know what happened to them, because it’s just so shocking.”

“I never look at movies in terms of the character. I read the script and I say, ‘This is a movie I want to see,’ and I kind of screen the movie in my mind in its entirety, and I say to myself, ‘Is this a movie that I want to be in?’ I’ve been offered roles that were dynamic and flashy in movies that I thought were very mediocre, and I’ve played roles that weren’t that dynamic in great movies, and I’m much more interested in being a modest component in a great film. This is a very well-written film; We’ve got a great cast, I thought it was funny.”

TONI COLLETTE (Emily French):
“I think this is a very funny parody (of Hollywood). I think it’s an industry that is very fickle. I mean, this is a true story. I didn’t believe it when I was first told that. The guys that it actually happened to had a cameo at the beginning of the film, when there are people sitting on the bench, pitching their film ideas to Alec.”

BRODERICK on if he thinks the movie is an accurate reflection of Hollywood:
“Yeah, the jokes about studios and what happens to screenplays and the compromises in making movies, that Arizona would be shot in Providence, Rhode Island, is not that big a stretch, or that a trash dump would have to do for the Grand Canyon, you’d have to just shoot around the seagulls – and that stuff basically is how movies happen.”

“I was gleeful coming to work every day being able to make fun of the type of person I played [a glamorous Hollywood star]. She’s the perfect package. She’s blonde with the tan and the big tits and the perfect smile, and then underneath she’s just a nightmare, she’s a total mess. She’s just come out of rehab, she’s highly sexed and totally manipulative, totally narcissistic and self-absorbed, can’t see beyond her own breasts, and she’s highly ambitious and wants to get her own way in everything.”

“Joe Devine is a guy with dreams just as big as Steven’s. Both men want to be stars in their respective worlds. While Steven dreams of success in Hollywood, Joe is equally driven to shine at the Bureau. They are so much alike in many ways.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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