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THE MOVIE: Raise Your Voice

Hilary Duff • Oliver James • John Corbett
DIRECTOR: Sean McNamara

Hilary Duff as Terri THE CONCEPT:
Following the death of her brother, a small town girl, Terri Fletcher (Duff), attends the Bristol-Hillman Conservatory in Los Angeles for their summer music program and, with the help of an inspiring teacher, Mr Tovald (Corbett), begins the long road to becoming a singer.

U.S. RELEASE: October 8 2004, Nationwide • Rated: PG


I think what I loved so much about this movie was that even with the tragedy that happened in this girls life, she chose to persevere through it and still follow her dream. I think that was really cool, and really inspiring, especially for other people that have something that they want to do, to go out and see how she did it. She followed her dream, and she grew as a person and learned more about herself.

OLIVER JAMES (Jay) on comparing Hilary with Amanda Bynes, his co-star in What a Girl Wants:
I have kissed them both. Its official. They are similar ages and in similar genres, but I think they have different essences as actresses. Amanda has amazing, natural comic timing, that physical comedy side to her, yet shes a very beautiful woman. And then theres Hilary, also very beautiful, so photogenic but she has that kind of wholesome, girl-next-door essence, which is what people can relate to. There are no airs and graces. Shes very relatable which I think is quite important.

I thought I was a little too old to be in a teen movie, but when I finished the script I thought it could be a great little movie. Mr. Tovald really enjoys teaching the kids and is sort of a big kid himself. Hes also pretty observant and recognizes that Terri is a diamond in the rough, so he gives her a little extra attention and she starts to shine a little brighter.

I really pushed for Oliver to get the part, because I like him so much. I saw him in the Amanda Bynes movie. And hes so cute! I loved working with him, hes really nice, and I wanted them to keep the British accent.

I actually auditioned with an American accent for this film. Im a movie fanatic. I watch everything, so its kind of second nature for me to do an American accent. It was the producers decision and also Hilary thought it would be cute if I was English.

The kissing scene with Oliver was a little embarrassing, just because there were so many people there, and I can only work for ten and a half hours on set during the day, so we had seven minutes to do this scene. And I was sitting there a little bit nervous, because Im about to kiss this guy that I just met, and a lot of people will be watching, and hes probably a little bit nervous too. But it was okay, and he was very professional, so he made it easy.

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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