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THE MOVIE: Ocean’s Twelve

George Clooney • Brad Pitt • Matt Damon • Julia Roberts • Andy Garcia • Catherine Zeta-Jones
DIRECTOR: Steven Soderberg

The gang… THE CONCEPT:
Three years ago Danny Ocean (Clooney) and his gang pulled off an audacious and lucrative heist, robbing ruthless entrepreneur Terry Benedict (Garcia) of every penny in his impenetrable Las Vegas vault. Now Benedict wants his $160 million back – with interest, and the gang must make another heist to repay him.

U.S. RELEASE: December 10 2004, Nationwide • Rated: PG-13


“We didn’t start the first film with the idea of doing a second. The truth of the matter is, we wouldn’t have shown up if Steven hadn’t had an idea, a different way of telling the story. The problem with sequels is that it’s usually just a rehash of the film before it. But Steven said, ‘Let’s mix up what happened in the first one and really throw these guys off.’ We thought that was a really interesting idea and a reason to do a sequel.”

“We were excited to get Catherine because she brings this great elegance to the film. The great thing about Catherine is there is this great beauty but, at the same time, she’ll drink any one of you under the table.”

“We wanted to make [the relationship between my character and Brad’s] different from Danny and Tess [Julia Roberts]. She loves this guy so much, and then is dumped by him, and then the relationship sort of comes together; I bet I’m hated by women around the world for having to kiss this guy. My husband [Michael Douglas] would say to me, ‘What are you doing today, honey?’ And I’d say, ‘Oh, I’m kissing Brad.’ It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it.”

“This movie is sort of a natural progression. In the first one we really planned [the heist] out. We decided to do it; we weren’t forced into the situation where we had to do it. Now, all of a sudden we’re on the defensive, it is a completely different set of rules, and to me that was the most fun, [that] the audience feels that we may not pull this off.”

“It’s a lot more fun playing people who are totally fallible and screwing up. It was a lot more fun this time around.”

“I’d like to call making the movie work, but it was pretty much automatic for us. First of all, there’s a very low level of maturity amongst all the guys, so that helps.”

“I don’t know how my character ended up being such a bungler in this movie. I think it was a reaction to doing The Bourne Supremacy. I wanted to play a guy who wasn’t right very often.”

CLOONEY on the fact that the sequel is more gritty:
“The first film actually wasn’t as grand as I think people remember it. When you look at it, it’s still a lot of handheld camera. Steven is always trying to bring into it the things that he’s learned from independent and foreign films. It’s a little grittier, but it’s still high end entertainment.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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