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THE MOVIE: Son of the Mask

Jamie Kennedy • Alan Cumming • Traylor Howard
• Bob Hoskins • Lawrence Guterman

Baby, and dog, with wind… THE CONCEPT:
The mask first seen in the Jim Carrey movie of the same name ends up in the possession of young father Tim Avery (Kennedy). It quickly finds its way into the hands of his baby, Alvey, and the family’s jealous dog, turning the household upside down in a kid-versus-canine battle for control of the mask. But someone else is searching for the mask, the mischievous Norse god Loki (Cumming) who is willing to do whatever it takes to get it back.

U.S. RELEASE: February 18 2005, Nationwide
• Rated: PG


“In the original film The Mask, they spent much more time with Jim Carrey with the green face on, reacting to what was going on around him. The idea was not to do another movie where another guy gets the mask, because that movie was done, and it was done with Jim Carrey and nobody can do that movie better than him.”

“I would never have done the movie it was a revival of the Jim Carrey character. How are you going to top that? I wanted to do this because it was different. This was a totally different thing, it’s more about the baby and the dog, and then me in the middle like a straight man. I look at myself as more of a Ben Stiller character, where things are happening to him.”

“My character is in a lot of different disguises. It’s great, and your ego is very flattered, when a big film company thinks you can do all these different things, so it’s nice. I’m also really intrigued by the whole Americana aspect of Looney Tunes cartoons. I really liked how much that played a part in the film.”

“Part of the idea [of the cartoon violence] was to design it in a kind of hyper-stylized fashion so that you were never really watching The French Connection. Then you stylize the sound effects, and you stylize the design so that you know that the dog, just like the Roadrunner with the anvil landing on his head, is okay in the next scene. You show that the dog gets blown up and charred, and then the next scene he’s planning the demise of the baby.”

“I think Alan is really talented, and he can do anything, he’s an amazing actor. So I thought he would be really good playing Loki. He’s someone I aspire to be. I feel like we’re brothers in the sense that he likes to do chameleon things and I like to do that too.”

“The make-up as Nightcrawler (in X-Men 2) was much worse than this make-up. When I get angry and have that green mask on, I only have to do it maybe five or six days. With Nightcrawler, I did it about 40 times and it was four hours, and there weren’t even any prosthetics on my face. But the mask was absolutely horrible. The worst thing about it is that you’re completely enclosed and you can’t really do anything.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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