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THE MOVIE: Ice Princess

Michelle Trachtenberg • Kim Cattrall • Joan Cusack • Hayden Panettiere
DIRECTOR: Tim Fywell

Casey (Michelle Trachtenberg) THE CONCEPT:
Brainy bookworm Casey Carlyle (Trachtenberg) believes that using Physics can help ice-skaters improve performance, but when she begins demonstrating that her theories are correct, she finds herself in the unlikely position of skating in competition, and for the gold…

U.S. RELEASE: March 18 2005, Nationwide • Rated: G


“I trained extremely hard for this movie. When we weren’t shooting, I was training five hours a day, five days a week, and I had ballet every other day. I was constantly on the ice, and I was working 22 hour days, because I was one of the only adults in the movie outside of Joan and Kim, everyone else was pretty much a minor, so after 10 hours they went home and I was still there on ice skates.”

KIM CATTRALL (Tina Harwood):
“Tina is so completely different from what people perceive me to be. I thought it would be really interesting to play her. I also felt it was a wonderful transition, to go from a half-hour comedy for adults to a Disney movie that is a very moving story for teens, families and especially mothers and daughters.”

“Kim Cattrall is phenomenal, and such a love to work with. All I’d ever seen her in was Sex and the City, and so, going into it, I didn’t really know what to expect. I went into the table reading and she was just amazing, Samantha (the role she plays in Sex and the City) totally left my mind. She and I have the same birthday, so that was exciting. And Joan [Cusack] and Michelle have the same birthday – it’s crazy!”

JOAN CUSACK (Joan Carlyle):
“I think there are parallels between both ‘mother’ characters, me and Kim. We are both pushing what we think our kids should be like onto the kids, instead of bringing out their own potential and what’s right for them. We’re crossing that line where you want to shape your kid - but you don’t want to shape them into you, you want to shape them into them.”

“By the end of filming I was able to do waltz jumps and I can do a single toe loop, which was the day the entire ice rink started cheering. But my big thing, which none of my doubles could do, was an outside edge spread-eagle. There’s one shot in the movie where it starts out on my feet and just moves up and it’s me across the entire rink. I’m very proud of that shot.”

“I did most of my skating. I actually taught myself a scratch spin, which is the really fast blur spin. There’s one at the end of the performance in the movie that I do and they actually show it. It’s me and I’m so excited. I learned most of my tricks, except for the triples, for which I had a brilliant double.”

“I think in a couple of years my friend’s going to have an ice skating party, and I’m going to be like, ‘watch what I can do. Who thinks you’re cool now?’”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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