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THE MOVIE: Ballad of Jack and Rose

Daniel Day-Lewis • Camilla Belle • Beau Bridges
DIRECTOR: Rebecca Miller

In the mid-Eighties, Jack (Day-Lewis) has sheltered his 16-year-old daughter Rose (Belle), from the outside world on his abandoned island commune. But now his fatal illness and her emerging womanhood pose problems for him, a man who has cut himself off from the world that refuses to live up to his ideals.

U.S. RELEASE: March 25 2005, Limited • Rated: R


“I grew up in a small town in Connecticut, which was at first dirt roads, and then gradually it was paved, and then I saw where it was going. Starting to knock the trees over, it was going to become a suburb, and the farmers got pushed out. And I remember being very sad that some of the individuality and the kind of idiosyncrasy of the place was gone. The world is becoming a suburb at this point.”

DANIEL DAY-LEWIS on whether he discovered something new about his wife, Rebecca, while working with her:
“I don’t think so, no. It was outrageously easy. Probably the reason that I didn’t discover anything that I didn’t know was because we’d seen each other at work, she’s seen me through a couple of things, and I was with her when she shot Personal Velocity. And it was very revealing to see the way in which she worked and the way the people were around her, because you can really tell an awful lot from that; and everybody just loved to be around her, so that’s a good sign, it’s a clue.”

“The film was shot in sequence, which was so beneficial. I’m so glad we did it that way, but it was also hard because by the end of the shoot we were so emotionally and physically drained and exhausted.”

“There were many actresses that came in for the role of Rose, and Camilla was the one who really had the kind of innocence that we needed. She had a very special feeling of belief, that she hadn’t been touched by the outside world, which is a rare, amazing quality. And she had a very deep emotional capacity, which any actress had to have to play this part.”

BELLE on dealing with Day-Lewis who always stays in character while he’s filming:
“It wasn’t hard at all. I thought it was great, especially because almost all my scenes are with him. It was easier for me that he wasn’t going in and out of character – Jack-Daniel-Jack-Daniel. He was just Jack, and it wasn’t distracting.”

DAY-LEWIS on staying in character:
“I love to have the opportunity to tell people that I absolutely am not in the business of self-flagellation. The way in which I work appears apparently to some people to seem like a tortuous thing, but it’s really with great pleasure that one enters into a new role, a mysterious place, and once I’ve gone in there I’m sort of reluctant to leave for awhile, I might as well hang around.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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