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Bruce Willis • Jessica Alba • Clive Owen • Benicio Del Toro • Rosario Dawson
DIRECTOR: Robert Rodriguez

Mood noir… THE CONCEPT:
Based on Frank Miller’s popular, and violent, graphic novels, Robert Rodriguez brings these ‘film noir’ tales of louts, lugs, heroes and hussies to the screen, using cutting-edge digital film making.

U.S. RELEASE: April 1 2005, Nationwide • Rated: R


ROBERT RODRIGUEZ on sharing the directorial duties with Frank Miller:
“I did not want this to be Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City. I loved the book so much; I wanted it to be as close to something that Frank Miller would do as possible. And it was very complementary. I tried not to do any contradictory directing. If he told an actor one thing, I wouldn’t tell them the exact opposite. It was more like a tag team. He let me handle all the visual stuff, and he was really there working with the actors. Knowing the characters so well, he was able to tell them things I didn’t know, because it’s not all in the book, a lot of it’s in his head.”

“I was thrilled to be asked to be involved. Robert sent me the graphic novel with a 10-minute scene that he’d already filmed and it looked hugely exciting. I wasn’t familiar with Frank’s work at all, and I read the graphic novel, the Big Fat Kill, and thought it was the wildest, most imaginative thing I’ve come across in ages, so I was just thrilled to be asked to be involved.”

“It is the most visually startling piece of film I’ve ever seen. It is just riveting. I’d been a fan of Frank Miller’s Sin City for a long time – I’ve always been a fan of dark, poetic, hard-bitten stories – but I didn’t think anyone could come up with a way to actually shoot them until Robert invented this new digital film making style.”

BENICIO DEL TORO on working with the green screen:
“For me, it was intimidating when I walked in and everything was green and I thought I’d puked. But after that it reminded me of the theatre, where you have a bare stage and you have to pretend, and that made it fun, going back to basics in some ways for me.”

“I think having Frank Miller there was absolutely essential really, because he’s the guy that conjured up this crazy world. I saw the film yesterday for the first time, and I have to say I think this guy [Rodriguez] is a genius. I was blown away by it. I felt at the end of the movie like I’d been taken to some extraordinary place I’d never been before, and I think that Frank’s vision and world is that, and this guy has gone and created it on film.”

“I said to Frank, ‘Let’s not change anything, let’s not develop it, let’s start shooting it right out of the book, there won’t even be a screenplay.’ Frank was so thrilled. I didn’t want to make a movie out of Sin City, I wanted to make the movie into the comic.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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