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Kurt Russell • Kelly Preston • Michael Angarano
• Lynda Carter
DIRECTOR: Mike Mitchell

Kurt Russell as The Commander THE CONCEPT:
Family comedy of a high school for kids with super-human powers. Will (Angarano) is the son of two legendary super heroes, The Commander (Russell) and Jetstream (Preston). About to start at Sky high school, he is without any super powers of his own, and instead of being classified as a ‘Hero,’ he is relegated to the secondary category of a ‘Sidekick.’

U.S. RELEASE: July 29 2005, Nationwide • Rated: PG


“I saw lots of laughs in the script, thought it could be a fun character to play and I think the movie has something to say at the end of the day. In that vein, I believe it’s the classic approach to a Disney movie, the kind I used to do there.”

KELLY PRESTON on flying in the movie as Jetstream:
“It actually wasn’t uncomfortable because the group of men and women who built our harnesses did the Cirque de Solell harnesses, so they were refined and fit perfectly to your body. I did a film year’s ago called Space Camp where we did weightlessness, and we’ve come so far since those days, and that was really uncomfortable. That was years ago. Now it’s not that bad. It’s fun.”

LYNDA CARTER (Principal Powers):
“I’m totally an authority on superheroes [she laughs]. I was one of the first and I get it. Before as a young actress, I knew the traps of doing something like Wonder Woman. I had everyone warning me, ‘You shouldn’t do it. You’ll never get another job.’ I’ve always gone my own way anyway, and I would’ve taken it and done it for free.”

RUSSELL on creating the role of The Commander:
“I thought there were all kinds of people that have a nice, in a comical sense, overblown personality. I think Adam West as Batman, Shatner does that with Captain Kirk. I never thought of William Shatner or Adam West, but I know that when I was doing the Commander, I could feel like that sometimes and say that that’s not a bad rhythm. It fits my guy.”

“I grew up watching Wonder Woman, and the fact that Lynda did the film was just so much fun. And I talked to her about being Wonder Woman. But you’ve got to remember, she had a very simple costume. Definitely very tight, but we didn’t talk those aspects. But I thought that was very cool to have Lynda Carter play the principal, because it’s tongue- in-cheek.”

“I’m thrilled that Wonder Woman and that character endures because every actor wants a role that has some positive affect and causes people smile or have good memories. It doesn’t fade away. It’s been 25 years that it’s been off the air, and so it still surprises me when younger people recognize me or know my work.”

RUSSELL on his own superhero:
“My dad was a tremendous mentor. I’ve had baseball players who I liked the way they play the game. When I was six it was Mighty Mouse, because he had that great girlfriend who looked up to him and adored him, and clearly if you wanted that you had to be Mighty Mouse.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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