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THE MOVIE: Just Like Heaven

Reese Witherspoon • Mark Ruffalo • Jon Heder
DIRECTOR: Mark Waters

Mark Ruffalo and Reese Witherspoon THE CONCEPT:
When David (Ruffalo) rents a quiet San Francisco apartment, he is shocked when young woman Elizabeth (Witherspoon) shows up and insists the apartment is hers. As she begins appearing and disappearing at will, David becomes convinced that she’s a ghost

U.S. RELEASE: September 16 2005, Nationwide • Rated: PG-13


“For me working with the special effects was a really exciting experience, because I’ve never worked with green screens or special effects or stop-motion cameras. It was all very much an education for me. It is different because you have to do multiple takes. It’s not a very natural process. But poor Mark Ruffalo had to deal with it more than anybody. He had to do every scene three times; once with me, once without me and once with an earwig pretending I was saying my dialogue. I think it was all a bit maddening for him.”

”It was hard at first. What was really hard was actually having Reese standing off camera and talking way over there, because I wanted to look at her. So we worked out this thing where she’d go in another room with a microphone, and then they’d put a little thing in my ear and she’d do her lines in another room, and I’d play to this imaginary person. At first it was a tennis ball with a little face drawn on it. Eventually, I didn’t need it anymore. I could do it now. I know exactly what her height is, so after awhile I just got into the rhythm of it and it was okay.”

WITHERSPOON on working with Mark Ruffalo:
“Any time that you’re doing a film that requires comedy you have to really have somebody that understands character, and I was really inspired to work with Mark because it makes things so much funnier when you’re not trying to be funny, but you’re finding the heart of the character and you’re getting into the emotions of the character. He’s a very versatile actor. I was really thrilled at how funny he was, I didn’t expect to come to the set and be laughing every day.”

“I really enjoyed working with Reese. We have a nice, easy kind of repartee with each other. She’s very funny and she laughs at my jokes, which goes a long way in any relationship. We enjoy a nice sort of fun, light, slightly ribbing relationship. She’s very cool.”

WITHERSPOON on whether she believes in the Afterlife:
“I do believe that there is a certain part of your spirit that carries on. I had grandparents I was really close to, and when I was having my children I was in the hospital I felt like my grandparents were with me. I saw them in the room, and that’s a comforting thing, not a spooky thing.”

“I haven’t had an experience with spirits so I can’t really say that I know for sure that it exists, but there are a lot of people who have; people that I trust and believe. It’s more interesting thinking that possibility that the mystery does exist.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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