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THE MOVIE: Yours, Mine & Ours

Dennis Quaid • Rene Russo • Sean Faris • Drake Bell • Linda Hunt
DIRECTOR: Raja Gosnell

Helen North (Rene Russo)  impulsively marries Frank Beardsley (Dennis Quaid) THE CONCEPT:
A strict Coast Guard Admiral and a free-spirited designer are single parents. When they decide to tie the knot, with 18 children between them who are trying to sabotage the 'happy event', they discover that marriages, and families, can’t be built in a day.

U.S. RELEASE: November 23 2005, Nationwide
• Rated: PG


“To me what set this apart was that it was a romantic comedy as well as being a family film, and it was a really good script done by really good people … and Rene Russo was in it.”

“The movie has a lot of romantic comedy elements. Kids will love it, of course – but I think their parents will too. That’s something we all want as parents – I want to take my kid to a movie that I can also enjoy.”

DRAKE BELL (Dylan North) on what it was like working with Dennis and Rene:
“I think they sort of emulated their characters. Dennis would come on and be about getting the job done and being very professional, and Rene would come on stage and want to play first and hang out with the little kids and be very personable.”

“Raja played good cop, I played the boss. I’d ask the kids, ‘Who’s the boss?’ They’d [say], ‘You are.’ ‘Good answer.’”

SEAN FARIS (William Beardsley): on the day they shot the scene where Dennis Quaid gets covered in goop:
“He would just sit there and you could see dollar signs floating around in his head, and that reminded him, ‘Okay, it’s not so bad. I’ll go jump in the goop.’ I think he actually had more fun on the days he had to jump in the goop than the others, because it let him really let go and enjoy himself with all the kids.”

“Dennis and Rene together make for fabulous chemistry. Dennis has this amazing ability to make everything look so easy, so real, which I truly appreciate. As for Rene, she comes from her heart. She has a very unique approach to performing which works for her, so you get the sparkle that makes up Rene Russo.”

“Sometimes with the little kids, you have to improvise with them a little bit so that they can loosen up on camera. There were a couple of times where I’d whisper to the camera department ‘roll the camera’ so the kids wouldn’t know it. It was a good system because they would be so free until the minute they heard ‘Action! – then they’d tense up.”

“I think this movie is a really good case for birth control. Don’t try this at home. Not only did we have 18 kids, we had 18 stand-ins for 18 kids, and the back up dogs and the back up pigs. Actually, the kids are great. The older ones helped out with the younger ones, and then of course I had my trailer that I could always go to. I had it all to myself.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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