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THE MOVIE: Glory Road

Josh Lucas • Jon Voight • Derek Luke • Mehcad Brooks
DIRECTOR: James Gartner

Alejandro THE CONCEPT:
True story of Don Haskins (Josh Lucas), the coach of the Texas Western Miners, who in 1966 changed the face of basketball forever when he recruited and chose an all-African American opening lineup at the NCAA championships against the all-white juggernaut of the University of Kentucky Wildcats.

U.S. RELEASE: January 13 2006, Nationwide
• Rated: PG


“What was daunting about playing Haskins was that I realized not only how important the story is, but how the people who do know the story have extraordinary passion about the story, and particularly the Haskins. Haskins is really, truly a beloved man, in his community he’s a king. I suddenly realized what a huge pressure there was to get him right and to respect the essence of what I’ve come to learn is just an extraordinary person.”

“What’s so interesting about Don Haskins is that he wasn’t looking to make any kind of statement. He simply was driven to win. Yet in making winning his priority, he changed history. Prior to Haskins’ heartfelt decision to have an all-African-American starting lineup at the championship game, there were many opportunities missed by gifted athletes. Haskins’ actions inspired a lot of players to go on and have illustrious NBA careers. He was an amazing person who had an indelible impact on a lot of lives.”

MEHCAD BROOKS (Harry Flournoy Jr):
“This story was completely familiar to me. It was a bedtime story. My dad grew up in West Texas and was thirteen years old when the celebration happened. I grew up with the exploits of the Miners. I knew the final score, 72-65. I knew about Haskins. I knew about the players. I called my dad when I got it. He said, ‘Oh, you got it. Who’re playing? Flournoy? He’s a great rebounder.’ This is his favorite team of all time so it meant so much in my household growing up. It’s strange how it manifested itself in my life now.”

JON VOIGHT (Adolph Rupp):
“I wasn’t aware of this basketball game in 1966. The guys that played it weren’t aware of how important it was. As the years proceeded it got bigger and bigger and became a legendary thing. But it was very important because many people saw that game. And I’ve heard many athletes talk about that moment as being very significant to them. It certainly was a very important game. If an athletic event can make a difference, boy this one did.”

“I think the real players have seen this film three or four times, and now they can talk about it a little bit, because it’s so tremendously important to them. What they say in a sense is, you have no idea what we went through, and how much this means to us, how important telling this even of our lives – which is really the event of their lives. I watched them at the screening the other night where they walked across the stage; and the true power of what they achieved was evident.”

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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