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Thank You For Smoking in our magazines

THE MOVIE: Thank You For Smoking

Aaron Eckhart • Katie Holmes • Rob Lowe
• William H Macy
DIRECTOR: Jason Reitman

Aaron Eckhart THE CONCEPT:
ased on the best selling satirical novel by Christopher Buckley, spotlighting Nick Naylor (Eckhart) of the Academy of Tobacco Studies whose job it is to sell cigarettes to the public by any means possible.

U.S. RELEASE: March 17 2006, Limited • Rated: R


I look at Nick Naylor as one of the few remaining soldiers from an almost bygone era. I look at this role the way I think George C Scott looked at Patton: He never apologized for the stance he took, and thats where I think the audience will find the enjoyment in the film.

ROB LOWE on his role as a Hollywood agent Jeff Megall:
Hes based on a various group of people; its not one person. Obviously, all of the Asian influence stuff is an homage to Mike Ovitz who was one of my agents at a point in my career and Ive always loved Mike, but the rest of it is a combination of people its fun to have people guessing.

WILLIAM H MACY on his character of Senator Ortolan Finistirre:
I dont think its based on anyone. Ive always subscribed to the notion, with a few exceptions, that everything you need is on the page. The Senator has a complicated relationship with Nick Naylor because politicians like to think theyre always telling the truth. But in reality, they spend so much time massaging the truth, trying to figure out how they can slip their agenda in and at the same time please everyone. On that level, Nick and the Senator are more alike than theyd care to admit.

LOWE on whether he feels the movie is too real to be a satire:
I think the more real it is, the better the satire is and the easier it is to do. I like that the movie has something to say, that its smart. But at the end of the day, its funny. When you see it with an audience, theyre not sitting there going, Hmm, what an interesting concept. Theyre just laughing their asses off.

Nick Naylor can be charming, hes fast-talking, and hes passionate. He loves women. Hes sort of a rogue. I have all of that in me.

I like to smoke. But I dont. Im one of those annoying actors who can go on a movie shoot and smoke for four months and then stop at the end of it. Im addicted to almost every other thing in this world but not that.

MACY on whether it is the role of the actor to teach:
No, heaven help us from projects where their goal is to teach. Its got to be entertainment. But having said that, everything is political if youre really going to act something well its got to be political to you. Youve got to tell the truth, so its got to be something thats close to you.

Written by Judy Sloane. Back to top

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